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Has anyone tried Vista release version yet?

By Mr.Wiz ·
I've been running the release version of Windows Vista for about a week now. I haven't had any major problems and most of my software runs as is. I've only had to get a different anti-virus program and upgrade to Roxio EMC 9.0. The only other problem is with the U3 Launchpad software on my flash drive. The flash drive still works, but the launchpad won't.

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Loving Vista

by brad.spelman In reply to Has anyone tried Vista re ...

I'm really enjoying the new environment. We have had a few setbacks with software incompatibility, but for the most part it's been good. I've been on it for a couple of weeks now and don't want to go back.

My only gripe is that the 3rd party vendors haven't done enough to keep up with the release. If MS can put out betas why can't the vendors?

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by Mr.Wiz In reply to Loving Vista

We're still waiting for a client from Novell so that we can evaluate Vista on our network.

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Isn't that Microsoft's fault?

by mark In reply to Loving Vista

Am I mis-remembering, or weren't there several articles about 3rd party ISVs (Symantec, Network Associates) crying foul? Something about Microsoft not letting them have the required code during the beta cycle to write against?

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What happened is in the X64 version of Vista

by Michael L Hereid Sr In reply to Isn't that Microsoft's fa ...

MS put in new security a protection of the kernal. Symantec(Norton)is one of the software developers that like to modify the kernal-if anything goes wrong guess who gets the blame when it may be their addition that does it.
I will tell you one thing-I will not allow any of symantec products any where near any pc of mine. I have corrected way too many problems on other peoples pc's to allow that.

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by lindfalas In reply to What happened is in the X ...

Thats so true.
I will never let Symantec stuff in my computer. I cant understand why they cant do things that work and dont crash system.
A cant count all of the computer I have fixed with Norton antivirus in.. Its hundreds of them.


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No, just the RC

by bisbar In reply to Has anyone tried Vista re ...

Fresh installed RC it on my computer. It came without drivers for my sound and ethernet. Played around with it for maybe a couple of hours. Liked the glass effect. Too bad I couldn't connect to the internet to download drivers. So booted the computer back to Ubuntu 6.10, which BTW, had no problems with sound, ethernet, monitor, DVD-RW or anything else and installed in about 35 minutes.

Is the release version better with hardware drivers?

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Seems to be

by Mr.Wiz In reply to No, just the RC

I haven't had any problems with drivers except for bluetooth.

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Some Problems with Vista Ultimate !!!

by rongreene2k In reply to Has anyone tried Vista re ...

I had to get rid of Nero,and to my disappointment, WSftp is not compatible to use in my website transfers. But the most serious problem is tht my Sony DVD Drive will not show up most of the time. I'm dual booting with XP and no problem at all.Also my Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard will not work to log on . I keep the wired keyboard on hand. Also the Soundblaster Live will not work either.I had to upgrade from my ATI ALL IN WONDER PRO to Radeon x1300 (miss my TV and capture capabilities). Aero is cool but at what cost ? I dont think it's quite ready yet in my opinion

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The Good & The Bad

by ben.vdwesthuyzen In reply to Has anyone tried Vista re ...

I'm running Vista at home and at the office.

I have to admit, it looks so much better than XP. Have to get use to the new interface and how things work in Vista. But so far I have only found a few small problems on my side.

At the office:
My Vista Ultimate, keeps getting its keys confused at random times. It will run fine for a day or so and sudenly all the middle keys works as shortcuts " a, s, d, f, g, h, j, k, l", opening explorer, the run command, take you to the desktop... I have to log off and log on to work normally again.

I also found that at home and at the office, it keeps switching off a COM service, that isnt responding. This happens a fewtimes a day.

Have any of you noticed, that all of your files are marked as read only? I only have a few files that are normal, but the rest are all marked as read only. It hasnt given me any problems, just found that to be strange.

I would love to get Vista Ultimate with SP1. But untill then, I'll rather wait for them to sort out a few bugs.

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Keyboard Problems

by rwyatt In reply to The Good & The Bad

I've had a few problems also - but if I remember it was happening with XP Pro too. Maybe someone can shed some light.

I can SHIFT+CLICK or CTL+CLICK a few items and then it resets everything I've clicked to 'unselected'... Very frustrating especially working in like Photoshop or something.

Anyone else experience this? (Using Wireless Microsoft Desktop)

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