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Has anyone tried Vista release version yet?

By Mr.Wiz ·
I've been running the release version of Windows Vista for about a week now. I haven't had any major problems and most of my software runs as is. I've only had to get a different anti-virus program and upgrade to Roxio EMC 9.0. The only other problem is with the U3 Launchpad software on my flash drive. The flash drive still works, but the launchpad won't.

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My Vista Score is only 2.7

by jmgarvin In reply to Has anyone tried Vista re ...

I have it running on a 2.8ghz proc, 1gb RAM, 128mb ATI X900 (the drivers don't work properly btw).

Yet, I only score a 2.7!

Aero Glass is clunky and the new interface is irritating. The split up of the admin is just silly. All in all, Vista is not worth it.

At least UAC is slightly less annoying in the release.

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Windows Vista Compatibility

by wgs777 In reply to Has anyone tried Vista re ...


I purchased a lot of software back in 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002. It cost me over $3,000.
I've tried Vista, and nearly all of the software doesn't work on Vista. The software works perfectly under Windows XP Professional SP2. I'm not sure if Microsoft will reimburse me the $3,000 + the cost of Vista if I stupidly decide to buy a new PC after Jan 30, 2007. Also, what about the huge library of Windows 98 games which I have which my 4 children love and enjoy. Is Microsoft asking me to give all this up just because they can't make an OS which is compatible with previous Microsoft OS's????
My view of Vista is a "Lemon" - incompatible with most hardware and software - I guess the good programmers were on vacation when they coded this piece of junk "Vista". Or perhaps, after Bill Gates left, quality went down dramatically after the loud mouthed new CEO sent Microsoft on the wrong path - abandoning hardware and software compatibility - which should have been one his primary objectives in the OS to succeed the venerable XP Professional SP2. I'll never pay a penny for the piece of junk Vista. Never, Never, Never. I'm not the only one.

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Stay Away From Windows Vista For Now

by ucantcme In reply to Windows Vista Compatibili ...

I have been using Windows XP on all of my computers and prior to that I was either using Windows Millennium or Windows 98SE which in my opinion are still both bullet proof systems.

I recently had one of my notebooks fail and the manufacture could not repair it so they replaced it under warranty but it had the Windows Vista system running on it and right out of the box the screen saver started freezing up.

I have been talking with the tech department concerning this matter along with many other issues that I am having and every one of them will ask me to try something different, even though they have all my transcripts on file in front of them.

I have also talked with many IT people concerning this and they all are saying that it was way to early for them to bring out Windows Vista because this system has too many problems.

I believe that what the IT people are saying has a lot to do with privacy and piracy of music and movies and this new Windows Vista system and its just not working.

Microsoft and any computer manufacture at this time are struggling to try anything to help out the consumer but they are coming up short. The techs have no idea what to do and forget about most third part software.

Many applications won't work without a vendor update if there is even one available including Antivirus, Security, CD and Burning tools and even basic disk management and partitioning tools, no help at this time.

I have asked the notebook manufactures to send me a complete working Windows XP OEM disc with the key and I will format the hard drive and install this. I know that this will take care of any and all issues concerning the problems that I am having with Windows Vista.

I will also keep the Windows Vista software and sometime in the summer of 2008 do all my research and if all the bugs and patches are available, then I will reinstall the Windows Vista and give it another try.

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Installed Vista home premium

by leopmahon In reply to Has anyone tried Vista re ...

(am not an IT manager despite the heading)From past experience, I setup dual boot XP pro and Vista Home Premium.(download EasyBCD free). Am running Vista for 10 days now and am gradually getting it nearly as good as XP.Had to buy Norton 2007 and lost use of my Nikon LS30 scanner so the price of Vista has many hidden costs - can't afford to buy latest Nikon Scanner. Am not a geek so don't see what's going on under the hood but, take away the eyecandy and it could be XP Pro but not as good with Norton and Nikon. I will have to replace my Graphics Card (?245 approx) if I want to see Aero. My advice, for what it's worth, keep your current setup and dualboot with Vista so you can 'play' with Vista and still reboot to XP as required

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