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Has Society embraced

By Jaqui ·
the automatic features enabled by technology to much?

with direct deposit, automatic bill payments etc is it conceivable that society has gone to far in search of convenience?
have we become so used to it that we have lost the "human" touch?

I ask this because I was just reminded about:

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Extreme case

by M_a_r_k In reply to Has Society embraced

This Winnipeg guy is obviously an extreme case of reclusivity (if that's a word). Our technology-driven world works both ways. There is less face-to-face interaction but there is also more knowledge-sharing. The TR website is an example. I'm not a psychologist, but this sort of interaction will probably cause kids to mentally develop differently than in the days with no Internet (Internet being only one example). Kids may grow up with more knowledge but less equipped to cope with the real world issues of dealing with people and solving problems that only other people cause.

For this Winnipeg guy, why didn't the mailman notice that his mailbox was overflowing? Seems like somebody, somewhere should have noticed this guy was gone. If I ever go more than 3 months without posting a message on TR, will someone please come look for me? Thanks.

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Mark, I get worried about you

by Old Guy In reply to Extreme case

if it's more than a couple of hours since you post.

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Old Guy

by M_a_r_k In reply to Mark, I get worried about ...

It's been 1 hour and 58 minutes since I last posted. Now stop worrying. :^O

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by Old Guy In reply to Old Guy

I guess I do need to give you more time since you Texans are really laid back and a little slower than the rest of the world. ;\

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You mean to say

by Mickster269 In reply to Otay!

I guess I do need to give you more time since you Texans are really laid back and a little slower than the rest of the world, when y'all ain't shooting at each other.

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I'd rather them shoot

by Old Guy In reply to You mean to say

at each other than at me! :)

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Not really

by nighthawk808 In reply to Extreme case

A while ago, I started listening to all the old Off the Hook programs ( ) from day 1 up to the present. I'm only through mid-1993 and they've already read this same kind of story twice about two different individuals. So this isn't actually all that rare, and it isn't by any stretch of the imagination a new thing.

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I've embraced a Paper-less existance...

by Mickster269 In reply to Has Society embraced

Well, as much as can be achieved.

Direct deposit, online banking, online bill paying..Ebay, Amazon, LLBean, all online.

I IM my firends/family. Email if I have something longer to say. Sent Valentines via online sites.

Heck, I even order my friday night Pizza online.

And what is the end result? I have MORE time to be around people I want to be around. I can do in 5 minutes online what might have taken hours to do 10 years ago. This frees up time to do what I LIKE to do- and be with people that don't have thier palms out, wanting my money.

Except for my son, of course. He always suggests that I can spare him a few bucks. But, at least he does it face -to -face.

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I'd like a paperless existance

by mjwx In reply to I've embraced a Paper-les ...

Then I could see my desk. It's here, somewhere?

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Technology is a bit like halitosis.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Has Society embraced

I say this because with halitosis, bad breathe is better than no breathe at all. Likewise for technology. With halitosis you have the choice of brushing your teeth or using mouthwash. With Technology you pick and choose what you want to implement and how far you will go with it.

Dawg ]:)

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