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Has Society embraced

By Jaqui ·
the automatic features enabled by technology to much?

with direct deposit, automatic bill payments etc is it conceivable that society has gone to far in search of convenience?
have we become so used to it that we have lost the "human" touch?

I ask this because I was just reminded about:

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It comes down to family - birth and otherwise

by Deadly Ernest In reply to okay, but

Most people with Aspergers do have family and friends - since Aspergers is often genetic many in the family will have it and work at the same speed. In the long run such people get in closer with family as they understand each other. Many do also work and will have some work contact. The few that get disability pensions usually have regular contact with doctors and support workers - atleast they do in Australia.

The core answer is family - that is why I noted the 'estranged family' bit in my first reply. And family can be by birth or preference - ie very good friends are really family of a sort.

But then the technology can help as well. I keep in contact with my family by e-mail, they are over four hours drive away and moving further away soon. But they are still only a few minutes email away. We correspond on a weekly basis as a minimum, often daily or more.

The technology does not hide us just helps us to relate and understand people better. No point listening to a conversation when you only get every fourth words as they are talking too fast. The only response you can give when they pause is a wise head nod or grunt.

hey they would have found him at the next census anyway, they are only every 5 years. But I must confess I can not understand why the taxation dept did not notice no return for two years and make enquiries.

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re: taxation

by Jaqui In reply to It comes down to family - ...

Why wouldn't they notice?
because the majority of low income people in Canada don't file taxes every year, they file every three to five years. [ handicapped pension, not taxable ]
So the only benefit is the G.S.T. rebate of 200 a year, more usefull to let it build to 600 to 1000 in rebate.

Here in BC, the welfare system now is requiring current tax assesment annually, to try to get away from the file every few years habit.

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Annually here in Australia

by Deadly Ernest In reply to re: taxation

If you have any income you have to lodge a return each year. Only two exceptions to this:

1. You have not yet lodge a first tax return and your income is below the threshhold - you do not have to lodge and can delay lodging your first until it is.

2. If you have retired and lodged your last as your income, including investment income, has dropped below the threshhold and all indications are that it will stay below the threshhold.

Once you lodge your first tax return you have to lodge one each year until you retire permanently, even if your income is below the threshhold. I have a friend who went overseas for ten years and had not income taxable in Australia, got fined for not lodging a return for each while away as they were still required to lodge a nil return.

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