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By hushed.names ·
Dear colleague:

A HD in my office got a problem. I?ve tried to reinstall windows operating system. It goes to same step and it stops. It prompts three options: One is to press Enter key to proceed with installation, to press ?R? key to recover, or to press ?F3? to quit installation. But when I press ?Enter? key to install the operating system, it displays a message that the HD is not found, and advised me to check the power cable is plugged property.

I?ve taken the HD and check it in my personal Pc, but it doesn?t work. I use it as a slave in my Pc. Now it finds and considers it as slave and displayed as a F: Local disk and G: Local disk. But the HD couldn?t work as a master by itself.

Please tell from your experience how I could make this HD functional again.



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Well it would help if you where to say what type of drive you have

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to HD Problem

Is it an IDE or SATA Drive. If it's an IDE what is the Jumper Set to Master, Slave or Cable Select? If it's Cable Select where on th IDE lead is it plugged in?

As you can read the drive it tends to point to the fact that it's either not setup correctly or that there is something wrong with it. So download the Driver Makers Testing Utility and test the HDD with the Testing Utility. If it fails in the original computer try testing it in a different computer if it still fails the test the HDD is faulty and if it passes the test in a different machine the M'Board HDD Controller is faulty on the original computer.


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I'll vote for the SATA issue.

by daveo2000 In reply to Well it would help if you ...

I don't remember if he said XP or that more recent travestry but I first attempted to install XP on a SATA and had that exact problem. I'll lay all of my betting money on that likelihood.

Of course, I lost nearly all of my betting money through the air lock during my last chess game with HAL9000.

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As you already have the drive working as a slave

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I'll vote for the SATA is ...

I would suggest that you copy all the data off it now just in case something more serious is required at a latter stage or if the drive is actually faulty and needs replacement. Either way you'll find out soon enough.


And Dave they didn't say if it was running XP or that other thing but if the Other Thing was made mention of I would just have recommended the Vista Users Forum

Do I hear an Airlock creaking at the moment. :0

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by Absolutely In reply to HD Problem

You need to set the jumpers differently to install the operating system than to use as slave drive.

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Try Disk Utility

by DAKSPORT99 In reply to jumpers

Have you tried a disk utility ( to see if the disk has any errors on it.

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i've had that problem before too

by kpak44wh In reply to HD Problem

sometimes, if the settings on the drive are correct and the
cable, the first sectors on the hard drive are corrupted.
there are a couple of ways of fixing it. If you have another
computer on the internet, download the manufactor's cd
image of that drive(seagate, maxtor, etc). boot from the
cd and hav it repartition the hard drive and format it.
Another way is if you have an old win98 boot cd, you can
boot from it, not to setup. fdisk it ,and partition and
format to fat32.
now when you reinstall xp it will convert it to ntfs, but the
boot sectors will be fixed.

good luck

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On this point

by DNME In reply to i've had that problem bef ...

You could fdisk /mbr to repair the master boot record and if this does not work try the full fdisk of the drive.

another option is to install on a working HDD, image it and then transfer to the problem hdd - it may or may not work but at least you know then to keep or get rid of the hdd. best of luck with it...

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formated? partitioned?

by cworsley In reply to HD Problem

if the hd is not formated or partitioned then it will not be recognized by the OS.If you go too the control panel- admin tools then you will see the hard drive right click on it and tell it to format it this will also partition it as well. Note that this will erase all of the information on the drive so be sure to back up all of the important filles on it.

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Troubleshooting H Appropriate Forum?

by roy.atkinson In reply to HD Problem

By way of responding to the questions:
The drive doesn't _work_ as master? (I'm all for looking at jumper settings, and...) How do you know? Because it won't boot Windows? Have you run utilities on it? Have you checked technical info sites and the manufacturer's site? Was reinstalling Windows your first thought on fixing a problem HD?

Which brings me to my statement: I don't think this is an appropriate forum for this type of question. Find a good "PC Fix-it" site and ask. I enjoy having lively discussions, but I do not enjoy doing basic work for others. This is like asking a language discussion group how to spell a word instead of going to the dictionary and looking it up.

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Roy this is a QUESTION Not a Discussion

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Troubleshooting HD: Appro ...

And as such we make quite a lot of leeway for those asking questions. Particularly when they don't supply all of the information required so we do attempt to help them as much as possible.

Granted this Question is much longer than the average one but it's still a question and as the original author hasn't gotten back with any answers to the questions asked it's very hard to say what's happening here.


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