HDD damage

By haleanana ·
I bought a second hand computer,its amd 64 3200+,6200 Le 256 graphics,250 gb,gigabyte k8 sumthing.
anyways i have this annoying problem...My comp damages every hard disk drive i install.A blue screen appears saying "beginning dumpin memory"I have replaced 2 hdd's already and now its happening again with my new hdd.
does anyone know whats causing this?

The first time this happened i sent it to a tech,he said the hdd just needs replacement.but as ive said,it does the same thing to my new hdd's-"dumping memory"

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Change it with something better

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to PSU model (thanks for the ...

These are cheap rubbish PS that are not overly reliable or stable. Replace the unit with a Antec 400 W unit or if you can not get a Antec or want to use a No Name Brand buy at least a 500 W or bigger PS.

Also Clean out the internals of the case and blow out the Power Supply with Canned Air. Do Not use a Vacuum Cleaner to clean out the case as the sucking end can generate Static Electricity and damage the internals of a computer. Also stop the Fan from spinning as it will generate power and could cause problems.


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While you are at it just make sure that your processor is seated correctly, if possible take out your processor and (please make sure that you are wearing a static wrist strap) clean the thermal paste off, then re-seat the processor and apply new thermal paste but only a very small amount, re-seat the hsf (heat sink and fan), this will clear some of your problems. If you can not do it please take it to someone in the know.

Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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OK no Really Smart Techs here so you'll have to settle with me.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to i cant even test it anymo ...

Realtek ALC658 Audio AC'97 Codec

First problem is the AC97 Sound as XP doesn't support this Device. Windows will BSOD out with this and cause several problems that even the newest Driver will not address. I got that straight from M$ today after I had one crash consistently.

Seems that attempting to install the AC97 driver with some of the newest Patches applied causes problems. Not sure which one yet as I haven't as yet tracked down the offending patch. But if the AC97 Driver is ion stalled prior to the Patch it works well at least my ND does without a problem.

Motherboard GA-K8NNXP Specs

The model is wrong probably a Typo as Gigabyte M"Boards are labeled GA-8 not GA-K8 not an issue though. AS the Gigabyte Web Site isn't currently loading I'm not sure exactly which model but it's not really important.

Firewire 400 & 800 on this motherboard

Could be a coincidence but the computer that I was having problems with earlier today had a Plug In Firewire Card. I first noticed that some USB Ports where not working and then when I plugged in speakers the sound wasn't working. When I attempted to add the Realtek Driver the system BSOD out.

Now for testing the Hardware use the Ultimate Boot CD to test the Hardware this runs off the CD and boots directly from the CD so the current OS is not impacted in any way at all and it's free here


Realtek Sound Driver newest one available from Realteck


Run the RAM and CPU tests and see if there are any Failures. If there are post back with the error report if you don't understand it.

You can also test the HDD with the Seatools Testing Utility or one of the others loaded with the Ultimate Boot CD so you can test all your Hardware.

After you test everything post back with any error results.


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by seanferd In reply to OK no Really Smart Techs ...

Oh, go on with your bad self. You know you rock. So, thanks for adding your expertise and time.

edit: And, I would say that is some fine work, with easy to follow suggestions. Thumb for you.

PS "Gigabyte recently partner with Nvidia and AMD its GA-K8N-SLI motherboard promotion."

"Asus K8-N Mobo"

etc. It's the AMD K8 design, is why.

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Re It's the AMD K8 design, is why

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Settle?

OH that makes sense I suppose. When I looked last night the Gigabyte site wasn't opening so I went from what has happened previously.

Besides Gigabyte has always labeled their M'Boards as GA something.


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Yeah. I was looking up K8

by seanferd In reply to Re [i]It's the AMD K8 des ...

most of the results I got at the time were for Gigabyte, and then I noticed that other vendors have the "K8 architecture" also. I picked gigabyte because it was used in the first post. I wasn't even originally certain what that mention of "gigabyte" was for- mem, drive size, wait, no! mobo.

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by haleanana In reply to OK no Really Smart Techs ...

k im a complete idiot when it comes to computer.how can u run test on ram and cpu?

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Burn a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD, Check BIOS to make sure that it boots

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to how?

From Optical Drive before HDD. If necessary change Boot order in BIOS and exit Saving Changes.

Insert UBCD into the offending computers Optical Drive and boot. The UBCD loads a User Interface that requires you to push a Function Key to get into the different testing utility types and then another Function Key stroke to launch a specific Application. The keys labeled F1 to F12 This is all listed on the Screen so it's just a matter of look press the right key and look again and so on till whatever you want to run is running.

It's really very easy but sounds a lot more complicated than it is when you do not have the Testing Tool in the computer.

Hope that helps you.


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First off...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to HDD damage

BSOD's and Stop errors do not necessarily mean damaged hard drives.

Secondly: When you replaced the hard drives, did you install the drivers for the hard drives.

Thirdly: We need more information than just the error code (# in parentheses). There should be some words, and at the bottom of the screen a filename.

If you can supply that information it would be very helpful.

What OS are you running [attempting to run]? What is the mobo manufacturer and model #? How much RAM is installed and in how many slots?

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STOP codes

by seanferd In reply to First off...

don't always have a lot of human-readable text.

System: XP Home SP2
AMD K8 64 bit 3200

not sure how much RAM of what type or configuration.

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