HDD damage

By haleanana ·
I bought a second hand computer,its amd 64 3200+,6200 Le 256 graphics,250 gb,gigabyte k8 sumthing.
anyways i have this annoying problem...My comp damages every hard disk drive i install.A blue screen appears saying "beginning dumpin memory"I have replaced 2 hdd's already and now its happening again with my new hdd.
does anyone know whats causing this?

The first time this happened i sent it to a tech,he said the hdd just needs replacement.but as ive said,it does the same thing to my new hdd's-"dumping memory"

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OS you are a poohead. <nt>

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Well after you get commit ...
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BF or should I say B

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Well after you get commit ...

How do you work that out?

M$ drove me totally insane years ago and there is no cure so because I want to retain my freedom I'm bad?

Col ]:)

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bf will do just fine...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Well after you get commit ...

I have become quite accustomed to it and would miss the 'f' if it were to disappear.

I must admit, I had hoped that you were one of those nutjobs who could hide it for a few minutes here and there when required to by the need to visit another nutjob in Bellevue. If I hoped too much, my abject and lunatic apologies. But I will not take back the poohead remark as I am a nutjob and therefore entitled to call whomever I want whenever I want a 'poohead'.

So there. nyah nyah.

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Back on Track

by willcomp In reply to HDD damage

A BSOD will not damage your hard disk. What made you think hard disks were damaged?

Stop code errors can be rather generic (as already mentioned). Of more use is a minidump file when one is generated. Look in Windows folder for a Minidump folder and see if it contains any minidump files. Analysis of a minidump file should pinpoint the faulting module.

Check event log and see what info is there.

Video card or video driver may be the culprit. Try changing cards if you have a spare or update/revert video driver.

"Dumping Memory" is when dump files are generated. A dump file cannot be created on a failed hard disk.

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