HDD is crazy on XP

By abcinte ·
Hi, I have an external HDD that used to work. Recently I have expirienced problems using it. When I plug in the device through the USB, I meet with unexpected behaivior and see diffrent results: usually, windows XP doesn't respond at all, but sometimes it does respond but shows the message of Can't recognize hardware. Other times it tries to install a driver, but stops with A problem occured message. Now what is weird that once it even succeedes to operate the device. So you may think it's a problem with the extarnal HDD, however I have another computer running Vista and it does no problems when I want to use the drive.

I need to connect the drive to the XP, but how?

Thank you.

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I don't understand

by abcinte In reply to Another thing that can ca ...

What you say on here is really complicated to me. I can't understand it. I'm a basic user and don't have a clue what is NB or Y cable or USB Jack. Didn't understand second paragraph either. Your explanation is beyond my knowledge in computers. Please, try to explain it to a simple user- I do have some experience but I didn't really study profoundly in that direction. And pictures, if you can will do nicely. One more thing is that I have 80 gigs capacity (I think), however now I have only 67 gigs left.

If I am right, you are talking about insufficient power and it does make sense to me, because the only time i was able to use it on xp, it disconnected after some minutes. Although, as I said, it working pretty good (not perfectly) on another computer running Vista.

So, please, try to explain patiently all of this again with a significant line on what to do.

Thanks in advance,


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OK NB = Note Book a portable computer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I don't understand

A Y cable is the type of USB Lead with 2 USB Plugs that plug into the computer.

A USB Jack is the thing on the computer that you plug the USB Lead into.

When you talk about HDD Capacity you talk about the total size of the Hard Disc Drive not what is usable on it after being used. So if you have a 80 GIG HDD you should have both of the USB Plugs plugged into the computer on different USB Sockets.

The 2 USB plugs on the Lead that Plug into the computer are not the same one is only there to provide more power while the main one or the one closest to the end that you plug into the External Enclosure carries both Power and Data to and from the external enclosure.

Now the problem here may be the fact that Note Book Computers only have a small amount of power available at the USB Plug this is typically less than 500 Milli amps per USB Plug and a Hard Disc Drive requires considerably more power to run reliably. Because Note Books Computers are designed to run on a battery they save as much power as possible to allow it to run the computer longer. So things like USB Plugs do not have enough power by them self to run a HDD you need to use at least 2 of them and sometimes a external Power Adapter.

There is another possibility as well and that is if you use a external Powered USB Hub this is a USB Hub that typically has 1 USB in and 4 USB out and a Plug Pack that plugs into the Mains to provide the required power to any device that you plug in.

Because you can run 128 Devices off 1 USB Plug on a computer you need to use several Powered USB Hubs to drive the USB Devices that you have plugged into the USB Plug on the computer. No computer could provide enough power to power all 128 USB Devices that you can plug into a USB Computer Plug at a single time.

These USB Enclosures have a Plug for a Plug Pack to plug into to provide regulated Power to drive the Hard Disc Drive inside the Enclosure as well as any circuity that is involved.

I hope that clears things up for you.


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I'm not talking abot connecting the HDD to NB

by abcinte In reply to OK NB = Note Book a porta ...

I'm talking about a desk computer. And the HDD still doesn't working when it is the only USB connected.

Thank you.

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You can still need to connect both of the USB

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I'm not talking abot conn ...

Plugs to different USB Ports.

As for not using a NB well as you didn't say I don't know what you have do I?

Read the Manual that came with the Enclosure while these are very brief they do have some information about how the enclosure needs to be used.


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