HDD Problem

By esveto ·
I have a problem with my HDD, y plugged it while the PC was on, and i didn't plug the power cable well, when i did it the PC turned off then i couldn't turn it on, i unplugged the HDD and the PC works fine but when i plug the HDD the PC turns off and doesn't power on. Please help, thank you. :)

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HDD model

by esveto In reply to HDD Problem

Its a Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 500 gigs, and i changed the power connectors and it didn't help.

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HDD Check...

by bowoow In reply to HDD model

Is this a SATA drive and did you smell any burn on the HDD's mother board??? Did you try another drive on the same PC same connector etc??? If you did try another drive on the same PC with the same connector etc and the problem still exist... I would have to say the problem most likely will be the power supply... You can also try to connect the drive onto another PC to see if it is operational... This will give you a most definite answer where the problem is coming from... Hope this helps...

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by esveto In reply to HDD Check...

Yes its a SATA drive, i smelled some strange thingy it was like... i cant describe it... but it came from the HDD. Yes i tried the HDD on 2 PCs with 2 power and 2 data connectors and the problem still exists. I think its fried... Thank you for the help guys. :)

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Good luck.

by seanferd In reply to HDD

If the data on the drive is important, it might cost some cash to recover it. It may be possible for a technician to replace the drive electronics with a board that matches exactly, at least for long enough to pull the data off (assuming the actuator or platters themselves are not damaged).

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