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HDD speeds lag behind MB & CPU advances

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Looking at the advances in MB, RAM, and CPU speeds. At what point will the manufacturers realize that the HDD is one of the biggest bottlenecks in the modern PC(for general use)? Obviously, you can spend a mint and invest in SCSI( and even SCSI can't keep up with them), but, until its pricing is inline with what the general public is willing to pay, it really is a moot point. You'd think they would realize that IDE/EIDE HD is the mainstream component that needs the most attention.
Granted, that the additional speed of the RAM, and CPU do add to the overall performance of any system, if coupled correctly with other peripherals. But, its useless if the HD can't deliver the goods fast enough for the extra system speed to really shine.
Any thoughts?

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How fast do you want to go?

by zeraf In reply to HDD speeds lag behind MB ...

IDE speeds are fast catching up on SCSI. Firewire is the new drive medium but hard drives are slowly making the transition. Operating systems are just too large to make an all in memory system functional. Even Games systems are adding hard drives, the hard drive will never be replaced.

Look at citrix, it mimics a driveless technology but you have to use storage on the server side.
There is no way to get away from drives as they are non-volital. Memory is volital. And what is the actual bottle neck with drives is the motherboards data transfer rate, not the drive.

Ever had 2 high capacity drives on the same chain and sent data across? It flies like no tomorrow. Go to a drive on another chain and it boggs down, as data is not goingh through motherboard to the other controller.

Microsoft thought of a OS that could fit on a 1.44 meg floppy after a year working on it they scrapped the idea as knew wuold not get sufficeint consumer support to make development cost worthy. Disklesscomputer has the same limitation. And how do you get all the software copmpanies to follow suit and develope for this platform and the drived platform till a diskless system is the norm?

They are pissed enough that they have too keep up with microsoft and mac at the rates they are developing operating systems. You think they want another hardware platform and operating system to contecnd with? This is what is holding linux back.

Good idea, but no real world application. Not that is cost effective and feasable and will get consumer support.

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Next "BIG" Advance

by TheChas In reply to HDD speeds lag behind MB ...

Hard drives have always been one of the slower components of a PC. The only slower devices are floppy and tape drives.

The root speed problem is the limits of a mechanical system.

Until we have a major advance in solid-state or optical storage, data storage speeds are not apt to make a significant jump in speed. It boils down to simple physics.


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Heres the solution...

by jbeaule In reply to HDD speeds lag behind MB ...

Buy a solid state HD. Dunno if they make IDE versions of those, but they are basically huge memory chips that one can use as a HD. So the access to data is instant (or near to) and the price, well, last time I checked, it was arond 50000$ US for a3.5GB unit.

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by djent In reply to Heres the solution...

Maybe we could find one on the sale rack at Chump USA.

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by ghstinshll In reply to HDD speeds lag behind MB ...

If you feel so needy for performance, there's only one thing you can do. Buy an IDE RAID card and stripe the drives... This won't double your performance, but will increase it dramatically...

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