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HDTV and home entertainment centers. 1 set up correct, me looking stupid 2

By DanLM ·
My last TV(Toshiba) that I had purchased around 4/5 years ago was showing lines at the top of the picture that got larger and larger as time passed. It was probably 5 inch's of this when I finally bit the bullet and went out and purchased a new TV. My purchase being a 26 inch LCD HDTV from WestingHouse. Yes, I know. Not your major brand that you would associate with TVs. But I like the picture so does my better half. Total purchase price. Ehhhhh, 480 dollars.

After getting the correct converter box, everything is fine with both HDTV channels and regular channels as far as the picture goes. But here is where my I start to look stupid. I'm unhappy with the sound. Thus, my attempts at hooking up a home entertainment sound system to it.

Round 1. I purchased a cheap peace of crap from Best Buy(200 dollars) and tried setting this up. I can't remember exactly how I went about this, but I know that I had feed back through the speakers and it degraded the picture to the point that I thought I was watching rabbit ear antenna reception. Back to Best Buy in 12 hours or less for a refund. Truthfully, I think the problem here was quality of equipment more then my unknowing how to do things. But, I was still stupid for thinking that I could be cheap about my solution.

Ok, round 2. I went to Sams Club(Where I bought the TV) and purchased a Sansong home entertainment center(360 dollars). The only way I could figure how to do this was to run an HDMI cable from my cable box into the sansung receiver/DVD player and then another HDMI from the receiver into the TV. Grrrrrr, I received an invalid format when I tried this. I know the cables were ok because when I ran them directly from the cable box to the TV, I had a beautiful picture. There was no other input jacks in the back of the receiver to run cables from the cable box into it. HDMI was it. Now the quality of sound was excellent, no complaints. This worked just fine out of the receiver. But no picture at the TV.

Ok, I'm stupid. I readily admit it. Why the bloody **** didn't that work? I took it back, screw it. My frustration factor went from 0 to 10 in a matter of minutes. Gone, history. Bu by you peace of crap.

So, the score now is dan stupid 2, dan actually doing something right 1.

Is there a preferred way of setting something like this up? I thought the best way would be to run from the cable box to the amp/receiver then to the tv. Now, I have no bloody idea. ****, I have no idea what I should be buying at this point.

Any suggestions here? Other then drop kicking the P.O.S. down the steps?


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