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Hello everyone!

By Jocey ·
Hi I'm jocey and it's good to be here. I found out about this website via a good family friend and of course I passed it on to some of my friends as well. I am currently a stundent at Sams Caribbean Limited(School of Accounting and Management) and I am pursuing a degree in Computing and Internet Systems which is awarded by the University of Huddersfield in the UK. This experience has been quite fufilling for me because I'm nuts about Computers. I hope that I can fit in well here. I am still so green as I am finding out every day but the passion to excel in this field is so great.

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Greetings and welcome

by jdclyde In reply to eh??


My only "words of wisdom". If you see a post that really sets you off, go back and read the whole thread to get it in context before you sound off against it. Too many will dive in before checking the temp of the water and make a fight where there isn't one.

There are also many catagories for discussions (as you have found) so you can steer your experience acording to your interests.

Some come here and are all business, others of us tend to be a little more social and get rather silly at times. Our virtual "Water cooler", as it has been dubbed.

There really is something here for everybody. Hope you find what your looking for.

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dammit jd, you started an earwig!

by gadgetgirl In reply to Greetings and welcome

I'm now totally cross threading my discussions!

("Still haven't found what I'm looking for" by ?)(AAARGH - HELP!)

jd, I will, I will, I swear I'm gonna - gonna - pokeandprod you!!


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by stargazerr In reply to dammit jd, you started an ...

Cool Down guys !! Its all in good fun

Tell me what that word means GG :) .. I am supremely curious

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by jdclyde In reply to dammit jd, you started an ...

Not one of the many pathetic U2 songs?!?! AAAAAA!

I await by the fire place on the bear skin rug to take my punishment! ]:)

(it WILL hurt, right? ;\ )

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A What???

by Aaron A Baker In reply to dammit jd, you started an ...

Perhaps I'm, not Geeky enough but I have to ask the question. I've been involved with Computers since 1985 so I have to ask.
What in the world is and "Earwig?" Besides the Bug and how could one start it here? How does one get one. Is it a trojan Earwig, or a Malware Earwig, a back door earwig or foes it come in the fromt door? Does it come in diferent colors?
and most of all "What the heck is it?"
I would like to know. :)
Thank you
Warmest regards to all. :)

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an earwig defined

by jdclyde In reply to A What???

This discussion will explain very clearly what is being refered too.

Much worse than a trojan or malware!

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Follow it word to word

by stargazerr In reply to A What???

'It' here means the discussion jd tells you about....We are "up to here" in our various earwigs....

Getting rid of them is easy...but jd keeps handing out new ones

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by jdclyde In reply to A What???

I am hear to serve..... ;\

Now I need to go and decide what will be the wig of the day? hmmmmm.

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jd! us_g! follow me to the earwig thread

by gadgetgirl In reply to A What???




need help.....desperately!


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Neil's translation services

by neilb@uk In reply to eh??

Double entendre (Fr)

A double meaning. Usually (and in the case of the likes of GG and JDClyde, always) sexual in nature.

It's nice out.
A double entendre might get the reply "Yes, I think I'll get mine out as well".


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