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Hello everyone!

By Jocey ·
Hi I'm jocey and it's good to be here. I found out about this website via a good family friend and of course I passed it on to some of my friends as well. I am currently a stundent at Sams Caribbean Limited(School of Accounting and Management) and I am pursuing a degree in Computing and Internet Systems which is awarded by the University of Huddersfield in the UK. This experience has been quite fufilling for me because I'm nuts about Computers. I hope that I can fit in well here. I am still so green as I am finding out every day but the passion to excel in this field is so great.

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New positions and cigar tricks

by M_a_r_k In reply to What you DID show was

"you are willing to take one "new positions"

Being "flexible" is a good thing where your career is concerned.

"Do you do cigar tricks too?"

Cigars are for smoking, not for tricks. I don't smoke. Though Bill didn't smoke his cigarsm, either. And when I do smoke, I don't inhale. Hmm, neither did Bill. Speaking of cigar tricks, Monica was one of Bill's "tricks".

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All I can say

by jdclyde In reply to New positions and cigar t ...

with you as intern, "this cigar taste like $h!t"!


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That was BAD!

by M_a_r_k In reply to All I can say

I can't even comment on that one. haha

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So we scared Jocey away

by stargazerr In reply to That was BAD!

US Geeky Geeky Geeks scared Jocey away...... tut tut tut ....

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Yep, gone!

by M_a_r_k In reply to That was BAD!

Ol' Jocey posted two messages then poof! Gone in the blink of an eye. Who is going to stand up and take the blame?

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Ouch, phooey!

by swgoldwire2546 In reply to Jocey? JOOOCCEEYYY????

Hey, dude! Do you have to go scare THIS newcomer away?


The post-script: Jocey, if you are out there, please come back.

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hey hey hey

by jdclyde In reply to Ouch, phooey!

I am without guilt on this one!

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"I'm nuts" is pretty much

by Ldyosng In reply to Hello everyone!

a requirement in this business and in this forum. Welcome to the fold!

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Lydosng, what about your nuts?

by M_a_r_k In reply to "I'm nuts" is pretty much
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Hello and Be Most Welcome

by Aaron A Baker In reply to Hello everyone!

Dear Jocey;
Hello and please be Welcome.
Like every group, we have our Zanies, they are good Zanies, but for the most part, you will find the People at Tech Republic Kind & Considerate and ever ready to help. WE all are Techs of various forms or other and for the most part, this is where you'll find "The Best of the Best"
Some will tease, Some will joke, but you won't find any insults or offenses here. We all know our limitations and that' the reason for the very existence of Tech Republic. The fact that we can all share our knowledge. So however trite or silly the question that you might need answered might seem to you, don't be shy, post it anyway and you will be amazed at the amount of people just standing by ready to in any way we can.
I hope you find your experience here as pleasant as I have found mine and I've been a member since 2003.
If you have any questions on anything, this is the place. If I may, I would also suggest that you read all you can, you'll be amazed at the vast amount of information that comes out here.
And so I close in wishing you the very best and saying, "Welcome to the Club" You've chosen the very best. These people are the greatest.
Which will be made clear as time goes on.
My Warmest Regards
Aaron a Baker

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