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Hello everyone!

By Jocey ·
Hi I'm jocey and it's good to be here. I found out about this website via a good family friend and of course I passed it on to some of my friends as well. I am currently a stundent at Sams Caribbean Limited(School of Accounting and Management) and I am pursuing a degree in Computing and Internet Systems which is awarded by the University of Huddersfield in the UK. This experience has been quite fufilling for me because I'm nuts about Computers. I hope that I can fit in well here. I am still so green as I am finding out every day but the passion to excel in this field is so great.

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by low_wh In reply to Hello everyone!

Hello! Jocey,

First of all, welcome to the world IT.

It's good to hear that you have the deepest passion towards the IT.

There are so many "lines" of IT (programming, technical, networking, web development and etc). Make sure you are staying on the line of your desire and plan your career path carefully.

Lastly: -
(1) Keep up your effort
(2) stay on your "compass" (direction)
(3) Have a life-long learning to attain more knowledge
(4) Keep an eye on the IT industry outlook (because it's a fast paced industry); and
(5) Plan your career path wisely.

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by spidershrek In reply to Hello everyone!

I got to tell you, welcome to techrepublic. This is a place that you will not regret to be part of. It has been wonderful for me to have come across this place, were i can fin out everything about everything in the computer field. From discussion to support from some of the best techs, available in the world. I hope that if there is anything in the future that i can help you with, i'll be glad to. Once again welcome and Good Luck


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A hearty welcome. . .

by swgoldwire2546 In reply to Hello everyone!

Welcome to the TechRepublic crew, Jocey.

If you got an issue, I will be most delighted to respond to your threads and discussions.

If I have issues you could post a response to my threads.

Once again, welcome :)


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Well Jocey, I was away when you posted

by Surflover In reply to Hello everyone!

this, so my welcome is a bit late... But it appears that you have vanished from your own thread?...

Should you return, I wish you well on your career in IT, mine now approaches 30 years and has been a very interesting ride... I hope yours is as well.

BTW: The "misc" section aka "the water cooler", is frequently non-tech, but a lot of fun, and there are some really cool people who frequent here.

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by Jocey In reply to Hello everyone!

I must admit some of you were very rude. But just for the record I fear no one but God. To those of you who were plesant thank you. You have made me feel welcome to the rest of YOU that thinks of my post as a joke because I'm a student who has now started off one word WHATEVER. I DON'T CARE!!!!!!!!!!

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Well Said Jocey

by Aaron A Baker In reply to Okay

Dear Jocey;
In a matter of discussion, one must always remember that the thing that makes them interesting is their diversity.
We all have different opinion and are all entitled to voice them. That's what these forums are all about.
If I may suggest, NEVER :) ever allow yourself you be chased away, you are as worthy as any of us, and are always welcome. If your conduct is anything like the shinning start that you've already demonstrated, then we are bound not only to have good conversation but also interesting and very stimulating conversation on a much higher intellectual plain that has been demonstrated here by some.
If people are rude, "Obliterate" them, render them nonexistent.
As for the rest of us, it will be a joy to speak to you on any given subject at any time at all. I'm sure this is felt by all.
Please remember Jocey, do not be deterred, and above all, "Stay with us", NEVER move over for a Jerk, ever.
When the nonsense fades away,you'll find yourself conversing with some truly fine people not to mention some of the very best in the field.
People like HAL9000, Gadgetgirl, SGT Shultz, The Geek, DMiles, The Chas, MBower5, Rick K,JRod86, Scott Lowe, Grreg Shultz and a host of others that don't come to mind at the moment {Please forgive me for not remembering everybody":) }. Don't let the creeps hurt you, they are vermin that infest every organization and when they've had enough of being ignored, they either change their ways of vanish altogether.
So Please take this into consideration the next time you get an insulting dolt, disregard them as they are not worth your valuable time, but don't forget that for every one of them, there are twenty of us.
Trust me, I've had to ask for help and these folks have been nothing short marvelous. They are knowledgeable, well versed and extremely kind in their replies so don't be afraid to ask.
We're there for you kiddo, anytime.
Warmest Regards

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Was anyone rude to you?

by neilb@uk In reply to Okay

I've just read through the thread and I cannot find anyone who was rude to or about you. To each other - yes. Just generally rude - yes. That's normal for this topic area.

Relax. Have some fun. No one will bite you.



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by maecuff In reply to Okay

You got to get some thicker skin...

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I agree 104%

by M_a_r_k In reply to Jocey...

I saw no rudeness in anything that anyone said.

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Good for you !!

by stargazerr In reply to Okay

Dont run away from here...Whatever people at TR might say, to you or to each other, they are a gem of a bunch ... I have been bitten loads of times but whenever I needed help, there they were !!! ....Hope you have loads of fun :)

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