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Hello everyone!

By Jocey ·
Hi I'm jocey and it's good to be here. I found out about this website via a good family friend and of course I passed it on to some of my friends as well. I am currently a stundent at Sams Caribbean Limited(School of Accounting and Management) and I am pursuing a degree in Computing and Internet Systems which is awarded by the University of Huddersfield in the UK. This experience has been quite fufilling for me because I'm nuts about Computers. I hope that I can fit in well here. I am still so green as I am finding out every day but the passion to excel in this field is so great.

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The secret is to remember

by jdclyde In reply to Good for you !!

the old saying.

Don't sweat the BS, and it is ALL BS.

I agree though, going back I didn't see anyone was rude (to the poster that is)?

Oh, and for when people start making a list, it is easier to say who to watch out for than it is to list the people with the hearts of gold. Makes me wonder how many people put ME on that first list? ;\ Oh well, my dog likes me and is always happy to see me.

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"Oh well, my dog likes me"

by neilb@uk In reply to The secret is to remember

Only because you can use a tin-opener...


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Sorry but

by jdclyde In reply to "Oh well, my dog likes me ...

I don't OWN a "tin-opener" as I don't have any "tin" that needs opening! B-) (crazy foreigners)

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Sorry, slipped into "proper" English

by neilb@uk In reply to Sorry but

Forgot that who I was dealing with!

Just for your information, sunshine, the tin can was invented in 1810 by Peter Durand, an English merchant so we can call the bloody opening tool what we want!

So there.

Now you have a nice day!

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But are they

by jdclyde In reply to Sorry, slipped into "prop ...

really "tin" anymore?

Of course I knew exactly what you were talking about.

I also didn't bother to mention my dog gets DRY food from a bag, as it would have taken away the jab at you!

Now you have a NICER day!


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Let me think !!

by stargazerr In reply to The secret is to remember

When it comes to Earwigs .. you are definately on my "watch out for" List ]:)

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I have no idea

by jdclyde In reply to Let me think !!

what you are talking about.

Sweet and innocent!

like a virgin, touched for the very first timeeeeeeeeee

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tell if i'm wrong

by Jocey In reply to Hello everyone!

The first set of responses that came my way were very strange one in particular that i remembered was hmm something about a my intro being like a bad cigar and what would a boss think.. I can't really remember now but it was so not cute. If I'm wrong about this I'm so sorry but that's what I got in my first set of responses that I clicked on.If anyone would care to clarify this they can do so..

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That was just JDClyde

by neilb@uk In reply to tell if i'm wrong

Please excuse him. He's just got divorced and is not getting any at the moment and it's making him a bit strange. It tends to show itself in raunchy posts (Them as can, do. Them as can't, post about it.)

The "cigar" post wasn't aimed at you, by the way, but a reply about and to M_a_r_k (who's from Texas and has a bloody annoying name to type).

I fear that you may find that things get worse before they get better. Oh, and always remember "Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean they're NOT out to get you."

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weak excuse

by Absolutely In reply to That was just JDClyde

jdclyde has been whining like a little b!tch about his wife non-stop for months. I started posting outrageously offensive opinions on TR in March or April of this year, and got the same bogus pleas from JD's pals about his hard luck, and his mean wife, and please be nice to him, he's going through a hard time.

If you care to read his thread about his divorce, or any of his posts for that matter, you'll see quickly that he can BS with the worst of them. I don't give him any slack over his divorce any more, he's been moping and stewing long enough.

I'm pleased to make your acquaintance, Jocey.

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