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ok, hit F10 for system recovery when my computer wouldn't move from its compaq screen. now, no docs on c drive exist-account on MS gone; like a new computer!

is there nothing i can do?

tried freeware data recovery and had a computer guy over to try recovery. nothing.

recently installed MS Office 2007- would that affect locating the data? most was in 2003 and from five years ago-oh, if i think about it it will get me down.

it's there right-i just have to get it out...?

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thx 4 the glass half empty feedback

by admin In reply to There's a lesson to be le ...
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by Jacky Howe In reply to Help!!!

only way that I can think of is expensive. You do work for ED QLD, I hope as you have important documents stored for safe keeping. They might help foot the bill, have a talk to the Principal.

Edit: Lost track of States

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A very pertinent statement, I'm often annoyed

by ComputerCookie In reply to The

to find that when I click on reply all that you can see is the question and name, no location, although if it's fictional you can obviously give them a fictional answer.

How can you direct a person to a specific link if you don't know there location!!!

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Sh!t !! - Are these answers supposed to be truthful ? <NT>

by OldER Mycroft In reply to A very pertinent statemen ...
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In my first respose I mistakenly thought

by Jacky Howe In reply to A very pertinent statemen ...

the OP was from the NT. NT has DEET. It wasn't until I posted that I noticed Cairns. :) I used to work for ED QLD. :)

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RE I used to work for ED QLD.

by OH Smeg In reply to In my first respose I mi ...

You have my sincerest Condolences for that Painful experience.

ED QLD is almost enough reason to fully justify Suicide.

Back in the days when I did school work ED QLD would constantly change their billing procedures around and only ever tell us after the bill had been submitted. This meant redoing the Bill again and resubmitting it with all the new procedures the second. third, fourth or whatever time. Of course this delayed payment for anything up to 18 months.


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Never again

by Jacky Howe In reply to RE [i] I used to work for ...

I couldn't handle the politics. One man show 300 PC's and two networks to manage. Non existent budgets. Three quotes for everything and alas it was always the lowest quote that was decided on which meant that I was constanly working with crap. What an experience. :)

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Doesn't matter what they buy

by OH Smeg In reply to Never again

The Kids would turn it to rubbish very quickly and if you where unfortunate enough to have Adult Education at the school it was worse.

When I was at Uni I worked fixing Sewing Machines and they had a School Contract. That was a major Doubled Edge Sword as if you could keep everything working perfectly or at least well you got a lot of New Sales but if you failed to Maintain the School Sewing Machines you got a Very Bad Reputation very quickly and it really wasn't deserved. Well at least not for the place I was working at because they had good machines and not a pile of junk that should never have got near a school.

That was back in the early 70's so no chance of having Computers in School back then. But latter the Education Department dumped the Contract System so that the individual Teachers could buy what they liked. Now I understand that was a real Disaster as there was no way that any company could hope to Honor the Service Contract with a small number of machines scattered in widely distributed areas with nothing in between.

God I'm glad that I missed that.

Latter one company that I worked for had 20 Computers in a School to test what would be required. This was pushed by Sales who really didn't have a clue and thought that they could make easy money even at Government Prices which are rediciously low. The reality is that the Schools ask for 3 Quotes, Tenders or whatever but the only place capable of supplying the items are the Country Distributes. Their Dealers may get hit with the Service Work maybe but the Distributes sell them cheaper than th Dealers can buy them so the best that a Dealer can do is organize the sale and honor the Service Side of the Contract, but they don't need to if they don't want o as they never actually sold the unit or made any money to cover the costs of the required Service.

What I found was the worst was the constant ways that the Bureaucrats found to delay payment. One place that I worked at dumped the School Contract after a Takeover and the Service Dept was reduced to a 1 man show for all of QLD and they where loosing money hand over fist so they just didn't offer a Tender at the next year when the Contract came up for renewal. They had to work for the next 12 months to support what they had sold and where obliged to fix but after that no more. I heard latter that 2 years after no longer being required to do any work they where still receiving payments for Service Work done while they had the Contract. They then offered the work to their Dealers if they wanted to do it so as the State Works Department or whatever it was called by then took their time to pay the dealers didn't see any great rush to do the work and submit bills. The end result of all of this was the schools not having any working machines most of the time and the name being considered as Rubbish by the Kids as it never worked.

After I had first hand experience of some of this and was told about the rest the Sales Department wanted to put Computers into Schools. I suggested that Sales could also Service & Repair them as I didn't want my department to **** it's budget while Sales was making money and ruining the ability to sell product to anyone else down the track. Dragging the Management of Sales into every Visit to the Test School to see what was happening made them see the error of their ways but not because the Repair Work Costs wouldn't be coming out of their Budget but because the Units didn't last a Week without being damaged. Only time I've seen Common Sense from a Sales Person who was thinking of their Commissions.


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by Jacky Howe In reply to Doesn't matter what they ...

leased fifty PC's. They were fitted with Fujitsu Hard Drives. There was a controller problem with the batch. The company that we leased from was well aware of this problem. You would have thought that they could have supplied me with a couple of spare Drives so that I could keep the PC's running. No I had to RTA the Drives and wait for a replacement. I ended up using two of my own Drives to keep them running. Twenty five Drives were replaced in a six month period.
The really frustrating part about it was the fact that I could't get the school to purchase a couple of Drives. They hadn't been Budgeted for. Talk about hypocrisy.

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that sounds frustrating!

by admin In reply to RE [i] I used to work for ...

i'm not with ED QLD, i tutor from home online and one-to-one. tho i used to work at the uni, and their lack of ethics was just as insulting.

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