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ok, hit F10 for system recovery when my computer wouldn't move from its compaq screen. now, no docs on c drive exist-account on MS gone; like a new computer!

is there nothing i can do?

tried freeware data recovery and had a computer guy over to try recovery. nothing.

recently installed MS Office 2007- would that affect locating the data? most was in 2003 and from five years ago-oh, if i think about it it will get me down.

it's there right-i just have to get it out...?

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by admin In reply to A very pertinent statemen ...

why does location matter if you are providing them with a link?

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by admin In reply to The

i run an online tutoring service and am a freelance writer. i have some of the stuff on dvd, but a large chunk of writing...

if the expense is feasible i will do it. till then i will not store on the c drive


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Youre Welcome :) <NT>

by Jacky Howe In reply to thx
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OK On Tack West End Brisbane is your only real chance

by OH Smeg In reply to Help!!!

And even that isn't a good chance but they do very good work so if it can be recovered with some Forensic Application they will recover it. Of course they don't want the NB just the HDD so you'll need another one to work with and your Compaq Recovery Disc as you'll loose the Recovery Partition. They charge $900.00 for a Quote and this gets taken off the Finial Bill.

However as the drive is working it should be reasonably cheap to recover what is possible to within reason. The last dead drive that I had then pull data of cost 46K but that was a rush job that was done in 24 hours for a Tax Audit.

But if you work for QLD ED and really need to recover the data QLD Police Computer Crimes Division can read every bit of Data ever written to a HDD. This requires dismantling the Drive coating the Platters with Green Goo and then reading off the platters in a Special Machine. Not sure how far it can go but I've been told that they can recover everything with out problem. As this is used for Computer Crimes it's Expensive I really wouldn't even like to begin to guess on the costs involved I've just been told that It's Expensive & if you need to ask you Can't Afford It.

Naturally you need a new HDD to replace the one that gets destroyed and not returned. But as this is accepted by the Courts as Evidence it must be fairly good.


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Not that far from the Valley,

by ComputerCookie In reply to OK On Tack West End Brisb ...

suppose one could always catch a few films or whatever!

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What at the Village Twin?

by OH Smeg In reply to Not that far from the Val ...

Been a very long time since I worked near that place is it still a Gay Place.


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It would be 32 years since I

by ComputerCookie In reply to What at the Village Twin?

went there.

I'm sure you'd remember that they didn't have gays in QLD in those days!!

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Weill Not Officially at least.

by OH Smeg In reply to It would be 32 years sinc ...

But when they where mentioned they where called smoothing different and never taken seriously.

However the Village Twin for a few years at least was the Place for the Gay's to go and as we worked just up the street I got to observe what was actually happening there.


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thank you

by admin In reply to OK On Tack West End Brisb ...

hey, thx for the informed feedback.

no, wouldn't spend 46 thousand but could pay of 2 or three. do you have payment plans?

i wrote a post about my experience at
,i will share with the others your link, for we are many :-)


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Your Welcome Glad I could be of some help. <NT>

by OH Smeg In reply to thank you
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