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Help Advertising our site

By movers_la ·
We looking for original and free way to advertise our web site
Please respond only if you have original and free way to do that and provide link to it to.
Thanks for your time.

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Oh the memories!

by Oz_Media In reply to I have a 12 port IVR that ...

In the 90's I was a facility manager CRTC QAManager (required by law) for a major call center. The predictive dialer would run 24/7 and could dial many times the numbers of lines that agents, to ensure connectivity and no agent wait time. I took inbound custoemr complaint and reported illegal activity to the CRTC or fired the agent as needed.

I used to get people who would **** me off, whether personal or business, so I would input them in the dialer to be called every 15 minutes by a different agent, different long distance company for months on end.

I know, I know, working for the CRTC as a quality assurance rep, this was against my own rules that I was enforcing, btu it sure was a great feeling of revenge. To have multiple predictable dialers at multiple telemarketingcompanies just hammer them.

They would eventually lose it and call the CRTC with an aggravated plea for removal form telemarketing lists, guess where that complaint ended up? My desk! What a blast!!!!!

Vengenace with a nice upset and heated plea for help! MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! ]:)

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by Choppit In reply to I have a 12 port IVR that ...

I agree that two wrongs don't make a right, but I'd be willing to bet that this clown, lives his/her life as inconsiderately as they run their business. Some people are just takers.

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My view is that they sink themselves

by Oz_Media In reply to

Without the help ort intervention of others.

Customers that balk at Atlas Van Lines for a lower cost company such as this will inevitably pay the price themselves.

This type of business will attract a similar clientel, not on ethat will help them succeed and progress.

I would say it's a few o/o's that are current;y unemployed & trying to do their own thing.

I have put two delivery and cartage businesses out of business by simply outperforming them and gaining their future contracts, that they had casually taken for granted for many years.

They ended up doing the exact same thing, so I took on a couple of good O/O's and took that business too.

These poeple sink themselves, it doesn't take much for people to see them for what they are.

Bottom feeders will always attract bottom feeders, they lose the real business to more professional companies and hile they will usually manage to JUST keep their heads above water, they also swallow a lot too.

I sent an email notifying the company of such pathetic marketing attempts, just in case they had hired someone to promote them online and were being scammed. It took about 30 minutes for them to post back asking how tey should ormote their business, so in the end....they prove they are clueless.

Let them just sink and disappear all by themselves, no point in wasting any more time on them that's for sure. This site belongs to C-Net, not us, it isn't my server or bandwidth, just read the next post instead.

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heres a bit of advice!

by husp1 In reply to Help Advertising our site ...

stick your head in the john and after you flush yell as loud as you can, all the interested parties should hear you!!!!!

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by Choppit In reply to Help Advertising our site ...

Quote from your own website;

"We are committed to ethical business practice"


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