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HELP!!!!! Disconnected Drives

By dwphilips ·
I have approx. 200 windows XP Pro. computers that are mapped to shares on a Server 2003 Standard OS on my server. The problem is the mapped drives disconnect at random times and random drives. The only way to reconnect the drives is to restart the machine. I receive the error "System Resources Unavailable". NIC drivers are updated. I have turned off the power settings on the NIC local machines. I have set the autodisconnect on the server to autodisconnect-1 and turned off the power settings on the NIC on the server. This is random throughout the organization. I need any and all help as this is causing quite the issue. Any suggestions?

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by dwphilips In reply to Hmmm....maybe this client ...

The workstations are connected to the server throught patch cables and manual switches not a vpn. They all worked fine until I updated from Win 2000 Pro to Win XP Pro.

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ever figure it out?

by JFO In reply to HELP!!!!! Disconnected Dr ...

I am having the same problem. Moved from W2K Pro about 3 months ago to XP Pro. Have a shared drive on a W2K Server. For the last 4 years never dropped the connection to the shared drive. Now at random poof its just not there anymore. At first it I thought it was conflicting drive letters, every now and then I have to hook up a USB thumb drive or zip drive. They always wanted the same letter as the shared drive. So I changed the shared drive to N. It is still dropping. No idea what is going on there. Anybody, Bueller?

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Did you find a solution

by stacey In reply to ever figure it out?

I have been having the same problem since we upgraded to Small Business Server 2003 and Windows XP. I too have done all the registry fixes and disabled autodisconnect and disabled sleep on the NIC. I have also replaced all my switches and NICs and even reformatted and replaced hard drives and mother boards. I have replaced all the patch cables and had the wall wiring tested professionally. I have deleted and recreated my dns server and dhcp server. I have done everything I can think of.

The only thing that fixed it was to assign static IP addresses. But now I am having trobule with even the static IPs dropping connections to mapped drives. It is like the machines lose connection to the domain controller. It doesnt happen to machines outside of the domain.

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HELP!!! also having this issue

by nelsonk In reply to HELP!!!!! Disconnected Dr ...

My issue with this happened sometime around Thanksgiving 2006. We have all windows XP clients to windows 2003 servers. All the autodisconnects on servers and clients have been modified with no luck. The wierdest part is this doesn't happen on all machines. Even updated the NIC in clients to latest drivers (intel pro set).

Any ideas on what is causing this and how to fix it? I am pretty sure its client related. My boss is getting a little upset to the "no one has a clue" i get even from techs we brought in.


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Here is a thought on disconnected drives

by thedragonman In reply to HELP!!!!! Disconnected Dr ...

I have had this issue when we have a power outage. The problem is the workstation reboots faster than the network.

If the workstation tries to reconnect to the network before the network comes up the drive will be detected as missing or disconnected. Usually a going into "My Computer" or launching "Windows Explorer" will reconnect them. A simple reboot will usually have the same effect.

If your workstations are set to stay off in the event of a power outage this will allow the network to be restored before the workstation tries to come online.

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