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Help, experienced, can't get a job!

By susanne.moore ·
I really need help. I have been virtually unemployed since 1997. I am an experienced project manager and have worked in Finance, systems integration, software development and project office. Recruitment agencies think that I have great skills, but the employers don't want to know me. All my projects have achieved all goals, within the agreed time and budget. My clients have always been happy and many of my clients are my current referees. My projects have ranged from $40 million finance reconcilations to $1.5 million software development. I have also managed multiple projects and worked as a Program Manager and Project Director. They say things are slow here in Brisbane but for me that is an understatement. I am recognised as a speaker on project management by my peers and am at the stage where I am convienced that I am unemployable. Can anyone help?

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Thanks so much for the support

by susanne.moore In reply to Dear Sue

Thankyou so much to all for the quick supportive and informative responses. It's not that I haven't had some work - but not enough to be "gainfully employed". Work which keeps the lifestyle and cash flow ticking along. Thanks again!

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Before everything...

by dan_olaru In reply to Help, experienced, can't ...

I saw you on ITJ-Change Directions -the Australian site for job seekers?
E-mail me if Yes. If No -please excuse the inconvenience!

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Something's wrong

by Kai66 In reply to Help, experienced, can't ...

If you are as good as what you say you are, then it's very difficult to believe that you have been unemployed since 1997. Something must be wrong. Let me point out a few for you. First of all, maybe your expectation is too high or not right. Maybe you have been applying for the wrong type of positions. Maybe you are asking for too much money. You might want to consider lowering your expectation a little bit and accept the reality especially when you have been unemployeed since 1997. Other possibilities might be that you don't have the right interview skills required to close a job opportunity. Maybe your appearance is not adaquate during interviews. Little things you do might also annoy the employer sometimes. I don't believe that location is such a problem if you have the kind of skills you say you have. Think of your job searching and interviewing your full-time job from now on and do a good job on this one first.

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update your skills

by 4goran In reply to Help, experienced, can't ...

If you haven't worked since 97 I would think that your skills may be outdated so you may want to invest in updating your skills. Employees don't like to see long gaps in employment history either.

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Interviews or offers

by Identcc In reply to Help, experienced, can't ...

Forgive me for asking this, but I'm wondering if you are having more problems getting the initial interview, or getting the offer. If it's the latter, may I suggest a look at your interview skills. If it's the former, perhaps it's in the way you are marketing yourself. I understand how this may sound, and I apologize for the implication, but clearly your skills and background aren't the reason for your "dry spell."

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