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Help Gmail Lockdown in sector 4

By karen10303 ·
Help I do not know what to do

Today I was locked out of my gmail account and recieved this message:

Lockdown in sector 4!

Our system indicates unusual usage of your account. In order to protect Gmail users from potentially harmful use of Gmail, this account has been disabled for up to 24 hours.

If you are using any third party software that interacts with your Gmail account, please disable it or adjust it so that its use complies with the Gmail Terms of Use. If you feel that you have been using your Gmail account according to the Terms of Use or otherwise normally, please contact us using this form to report this problem.

I have sent various emails to google with only one automatic generated relay sent. I have been left frustrated and helpless as to how to address the situation. My account was accessable at 5Pm today and then I was locked out for a second time.

I contacted the google corporate offices and told that they could not help or assist me with out a employee name to reference. I contacted various individuals at google and all these people told me that there was nothing they could support me with.

I am using an old email address - I can access my account and my gmail calendar but not my email..ouch

I am a big fan of google, crazy enough I was just reading Fortune Magazine's article

Chaos by design
The inside story of disorder, disarray, and uncertainty at Google. And why it's all part of the plan. (They hope.)
Adam Lashinsky , Fortune senior writer

There occurs to be a complete lack of responsibility on googles behalf to me the customer.

To anyone who can help me ease this email breakdown/nightmare, I am truly grateful.

Karen Solomon

From: "The Google Team" <>

Subject: Re: [#76699802] Access form: Sector 4
Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2006 21:52:18 -0000

Thank you for your report. We apologize for any confusion or
inconvenience. For your security, we may temporarily disable access to
your account if our system detects abnormal usage. Abnormal usage
includes, but is not limited to:

- Receiving, deleting, or popping out large amounts of mail (via POP) in a
short period of time
- Sending a large number of undeliverable messages (messages that bounce
- Using third party file-sharing or storing software, or software that
automatically logs in to your account and that is not supported by Gmail
- Multiple instances of your Gmail account opened
- Browser-related issues. Please note that if you find your browser
continually reloading while attempting to access your inbox, it is likely
a browser issue, and it may be necessary to clear your browser's cache and

If you feel that access to this account should not have been disabled,
please respond to the following questions:

1. What task were you performing when you were locked out? (ex:
downloading messages via POP, logging in, sending an email, downloading an
attachment, etc.)
2. What specific error messages are you receiving? Please include the
exact code or text of the message.
3. With which Gmail username are you encountering this issue?
4. Which of the following Gmail features do you use, if any? If POP, which
client do you use in conjunction with Gmail? POP, auto-forwarding, or
Gmail's Notifier
5. Which security software or applications are installed on your computer?

6. Which browser extensions are you using?
7. Has access to your account been disabled before this occurrence? If so,
when, for how long, and with which error message?
8. Did you recently send a message to a large number of invalid addresses
or send more than 500 addresses? If you'd like to learn more about best
practices for sending a large amount of mail through Gmail, please visit:

Upon receiving all the above information, we'll investigate the issue

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Karen: Watch out for spiders!

by TechExec2 In reply to Help Gmail Lockdown in se ...

Watch out for web spiders that harvest e-mail addresses from TR. I suggest you edit your TR post to obscure your e-mail address. You don't want a web spider to read it and start sending you spam.

Something like this:

karen10303 at hotmail dot com


As far as gMail is concerned, you get what you pay for. If it is giving you trouble, I would suggest you go back to HOTMAIL.

Sorry I cannot offer more help.

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repelling spiders

by karen10303 In reply to Karen: Watch out for spid ...

thanks for the input on the web spiders! I edited my TR post as directed, thanks for the insight, it is much appreciated.

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This is an Internet problem, not a TR problem

by jdclyde In reply to repelling spiders

The spiders look at all the web pages in a range, harvesting email addresses.

TR attempts to protect new members from themselves when they use their email address as their TR ID. That is why they trunkate the ID at the "@" symbol.

Never post an email address intact.

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by karansoin In reply to Karen: Watch out for spid ...

How to edit the TR post.
Please give details.

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to edit a post

by jdclyde In reply to HOW

First, it has to be YOUR post.

Open the post, and then under it is your account info. Under that is a button to "edit post".

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oooouuuh, Spiders & Snakes...

by dawgit In reply to Karen: Watch out for spid ...

and Trolls, worms, bugs, pfishers, hackers, crackers, elves, and demons... The net is a very, very, dark and dangerous place...

edited to add:
Sorry, but I just had to do that... ]:)

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the thing to do

by jdclyde In reply to Help Gmail Lockdown in se ...

is in 24 hours, get in and change the password right away. You might have been hacked.

Also, check your system to make sure you didn't pick up a trojan or a keystroke logger.

I recommend an AntiVirus that boots from a CD, so that if it is a root kit, it can't hide from you.

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One Word Answer

by dbernor In reply to the thing to do


I am a huge fan of GMail but come on folks....BETA is plastered all over it. So while I do prefer GMail, I will not solely rely on it.

and I agree with previous poster...sounds like you got hacked.

Change all the account info asap after unlock and I would suggest you issue yourself an invite and start a fresh account.

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You wouldn't be

by dawgit In reply to Help Gmail Lockdown in se ...

in Germany would you? as in Google did get just a little slamed on that. In Germany there in no Google G-Mail. (poof, it's gone!)

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not in germany

by karen10303 In reply to You wouldn't be

in the states and still suffering from the lockdown with no reply from Google..I get it's Beta, but so surprised with Googles indifference..

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