Help Hard Drive not recognized anymore

By emptytheattic ·
Maxtor Diamond max 160GB.
Partioned to C: and F: drives

Used Cobian backup software for the first time tobackup from C: to a subdirectory on F

PC was shut down. Would not recogize the C drive on reboot. I removed the drive and put it in an external case.

I brought it to my kids PC and it looks like
the C drive in now RAW and the F still NTFS

I tried to copy the files from the F:
to my kids C: drive with windows folder copy. I got about 10% done before the copy failed and now , wherever I connect the drive (other PC's and as a slave to the original PC), it doesn't even get recognized.
The light just blinks on and off.

Is there any hope to recover data?

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The data is always recoverable if you're

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Help Hard Drive not rec ...

Willing to pay the price.

First thing will be that you'll loose the Drive as it will be dismantled the platters removed and then coated with some green goup and then put into a special machine and every layer of data ever written to the drive will be recovered. Cost will be several Hundred Thousand $ + or - a bit.

When you say that the Drive is no longer recognised is that in a Windows Environment or in BIOS?

It's possible that the drive is still available but because you haven't used the software correctly that it's unavailable in the Windows Environment. The easiest solution is to reformat the drive and reinstall XP to it after running a Wiping utility like Boot & Nuke over it

And then restore all your data from your existing backup. It's much cheaper to do things that way.

Anyway before you ever use any new software that you haven't used previously you need to do a complete backup of all your data and then test the software ability to do the required job and even better your ability to use that software.

Anything less is both foolish and possibly dangerous.


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thanks but that doesnt help

by emptytheattic In reply to The data is always recove ...

Thanks for your time but that was no help.

There is no backup of this data and I cant afford $1000 to have ADR recover this.

Reformat / nuke and boot? Doesnt sound right

Drive cant be seen in bios or windows

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Check the Jumper setting on the HDD

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to thanks but that doesnt h ...

IN a USB Caddy it should have been set to Cable Select but in the computer may need to be set to Master/Slave and also make sure that the jumper is still on the HDD.

It's possible that it's come off while you have been removing it from the USB Caddy and this will cause the drive not to be recognised in either BIOS or Windows though the important thing here is that you can see it in BIOS Windows isn't important as it may or may not be visible in there depending on what Partitions remain intact.

The proper way to do things is Boot & Nuke then Format when installing the OS or if this will be a slave drive go into Computer Management chose Drive Management and then select the 160 GIG HDD and use the Format Option.


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