Help! I can't find my Lacie NAS

By mmjdawson ·
I have had a Lacie Ethernet Disk Mini NAS for almost a year now and it houses all the music I own. It worked perfectly up until recently when it seems to have droppped off the network completely.

I have tried connecting directly to my laptop via USB but Windows is not recognising it at all. I contacted Lacie who told me to do a factory reset (this involved just pressing the buton on the front in various combinations) which would retain all my data, which worked fine. When I rebooted the drive Windows still did not recognise it and now I cannot turn the drive off unless I physically unplug it. The light on the front is on permanently. This I told to Lacie who said they could fix the drive under warranty but I will lose all the data on it. They then helpfully told me of two data recovery companies I could use but that if I did so my warranty would be void!

I am at my wits end as I have loads of music and photos on the drive, has anyone got any ideas how to find the drive initially as I find it hard to believe (don't want to believe!)it is knackered, or failing this, some data recovery software.

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Oh S**t

by mmjdawson In reply to ???

Lacie took ages to respond to me too I'm afraid.
The data recovery costs are obscene, I can't afford to go that route either.
I have now had my power supply back and after a couple of encouraging flickers from the light on the drive I still cannot access it, AHHHHHHH!!
I have just ordered a SATA enclosure (about ?20 from DABS)and have taken my drive apart, (buy buy warranty)extracted the hard drive itself (mine is a single 500gb unit)and have obtained some data recovery software from the internet. I am going to attempt to access the drive myself without all the Lacie wizardry in the way, I'll let you know how it goes.

I suppose this only highlights the need for backups of all data, lets hope its not too harsh a lesson learnt.

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by alikimpton In reply to Power supply

Ive just been in touch with a data recovery company in
London and they've said that if the problem IS with the
power supply unit then even if this was fixed they would
still have to recover the data from the drive, because a
power failure (in 99.9% of cases) would wipe the cache,
which means to get the data off the drive a recovery
would still be necessary. (I dont understand this by the
way... just what he told me on the phone) The bad news is
that because the drive is build from two 500gb drives
connected by a RAID, the recovery would be fairly
complex and cost ?850!! Which is far too much for me to
spend!.... Im hoping I can find a cheap way of fixing the
power unit myself (or even get Lacie to do it under
warranty without reformatting the disk... and then use
some decent data recovery software to retrieve what I can
at home... long shot maybe. Have you heard back from
Lacie yet? I sent a support ticket 1 week ago now with no
response! I cant even find a number to call their support
team!! useless.

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While that advice may be correct

by OH Smeg In reply to ???

It may not be as well. It depends if the Data Recovery Company in question has a lot of experience with this type of System.

If they do not they may be quoting you the Worst Case Scenario and then things will be better from there. But the 850 Pounds is reasonable as I have to pay $900.00 AU for a quote here and that comes off the cost of the recovery when the go ahead is given for the job to proceed. The last one that I had to have recovered cost $46,000.00 AU but that was for a Business who had had a NB Stolen and their Accounting Backup was on the dead drive that got dropped when they went looking for the main NB that they use in the office. As they had to front the Tax Man for a Audit the company in question recovered the Data in a 24 Hour Period and I got to the Tax Mans building before they had to admit that they had a problem. All worked out rather nicely as far as I'm concerned.

But you will have a problem recovering the Data from the RAID Array depending on the type of RAID you configured it will take a decent amount of time & effort and the software that you will require will not be cheap either. I use On Tracks Easy Recovery Pro and this is in the vicinity of $1,200.00 US to buy.

As I don't use any of the other products available I'm not sure how well they work in this position. But before you do anything replace the Power Supply and see what happens you may get a pleasant surprise.


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Lacie external hard drive data recovery

by marius In reply to Help! I can't find my Lac ...

For any questions or advice regarding recovery of these units, please visit us at Our experts will quickly advise of the steps needed to help you recover the data from your LaCie external hard drive.

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