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Help - IP Problems

By it_admin ·
I have an IP only network (we connect to Corporate for email and internet access) and I'm running out of IP addresses. We have 127 addresses [ is the router to Corp.] We have NT four servers.

Does anyone know if/how I can use the existing 'real' IP addresses and the 'psuedo' addresses (192.0.0.x etc.)

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NT becomes a new router

by SBWorks In reply to From Author

You have to enable routing from the IP card to the 207.x.x.x segement and configure the 10.0.0.x client to use as a gateway.

NT 4.0, right? I'm drawing a mental blank on the procedure for NT.... Check the online help for RIP or NAT.

You are opening up a really pain in the *** for the long haul. I'd get a hold of someone at corporate and scream bloody murder because network subnetting needs to be worked out on paper and planned, not implemented at the last minute. I wouldhave a hard time justifying more then about 90 computers a network segment, considering current hardware prices. You network speed must be horrible.

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IP Address problem - legal & psedu IPs

by ankit0 In reply to Help - IP Problems

Hi, I had the same problem as I had just 16 IPs, so to get many shiva client guys connected from my office to a shiva VPN I used a Router to router tunnel from mine to US & used as router gateway & 192.168.10.x, subnet forPCs. Now I can have over 200 guys into the internet without worrying for IPs. you try this

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