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would anybody be interested in helping me make a network design, not for money more of a mind challenge. It consists of one company tow buildings about 500 feet from each other divided by a highway. builing a has 100 in the plant 50 in the office plant B has 200 in the plant 35 in the office the design has to replace the old printer system each office mplyee needs their own computer they have to have accesss to office software and the company database. the plants need access to computers for the workers to accress their e mail and inventory. the company network is currently server based and that is fine. trnasmission speeds need to be fast but the cost has to stay inexpensive.

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3 times in november alone CG. ~nt~

by Jaqui In reply to I'm with JP
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yeah and now in December

by CG IT In reply to 3 times in november alone ...

wonder when the project is due for completion?

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Your request is a bit farfetched coming from an "IT Consultant"

by ManiacMan In reply to help me design

Are you sure you're an IT consultant? I seriously doubt it because you know that what you're asking is a bit too much to provide as "free" information.

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