HELP me with PaintShopPro 6.01 and JPG from screenshots?

By JADavis9 ·
I've been thru this before but am going thru it again after needing to reinstall PSP on my Windows XP svc pk 3 tablet.
If I create a JPG from a screenshot now and try to Post it on my Facebook Wall, it errors out with some box telling me that the image has some issue. No code # is given and no help is linked in the box.
I remember there being some upgrade that Corel put out that fixed this issue a while back. Now the Corel site has stopped providing any support for this "old" software.
I have PSP 6 also on my other DELL desktop pc which also runs Windows XP svc pk 3. This PSP was also updated back then and it works fine for me. I'd sure like to fix my tablet so it will also work but Corel won't help me since they'd just rather sell me some new software solution.
Anyone have any info and specific help for me? I'd need any help given to me in detail as I'm not really an IT guy. Can I maybe just Copy some file off of my Dell pc and Save it onto my tablet pc somewhere?

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Well, here's the link to your previous issue with PSP...

though if it were me, I'd probably change my image handling software...
I use IrvanView myself, it can handle almost anything I throw at it.

Now, for the link to your previous problem w/answers go here:

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