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on stating my sony vaio laptop running on a windows xp home edition, i get the vaio display then the windows xp screen also comes on and thats where the problem begins. i no longer get the meter like thing that increases on the bottom of the page,the screen just stays black for a while then shows a blue screen and hangs permanently.Using the F8 botton brings up the required page but the up and down buttons dont respond so i cant select last good configuration.Occasionally however when i power on and off repeatedly it does come on going straight from the wndows xp screen skipping the meter thing and goin straight to the log on page. After entering my password and booting it displays a new hardwar installed message saying 'ACPI UNIPROCESSOR P.C' installed and asks me to reboot which if i do i may end up not being able to boot again for a long time except i'm lucky. PLEASE HELP.

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"by pressing down above f8" ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Same Issue

If you mean you press down on the fascia 'behind' the F8 Key, then most likely there is an electrical inconsistency underneath that this action tends to remedy.

Heat always rises no matter how efficient the exhaust system of a laptop is. Unfortunately, even the best designed (most expensive) laptops will still have wires trailing around the underside of the top fascia and keyboard platens.

I'd be tempted to have a peek under the top fascia, maybe see if something is crying out for attention.

Definitely a hardware problem I think.

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Joining the Club

by jeff In reply to [i]"by pressing down abov ...

I just started having this same problem 2 weeks ago.
I thought it might have been related to a worm I got and removed until I started searching and found several threads like this one.
The keyboard is disabled during boot up, so even when I get the 'start in safe mode' screen up, the arrow keys don't work to make choices.
And when I put a WinXP CD in the drive, I'm unable to hit any key to boot from the CD because the keys don't respond. I would think a stuck key would always respond.
I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting the hard drive and the memory, which results in a good startup. Weird workaround, not to mention a MAJOR pain.

There is NOTHING in VAIO online support on this and I expect it would be a waste of time to contact them if they only answer I'll get is 'send it in' or 'the motherboard is bad.'

Anyone have anything else yet?

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I'm slightly confused ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Joining the Club

"The keyboard is disabled during boot up, so even when I get the 'start in safe mode' screen up, the arrow keys don't work to make choices."

So, if the keyboard is disabled, how did you access the options screen ?

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keyboard inconsistent

by jeff In reply to I'm slightly confused ...

It comes up sometimes.
The whole thing makes me crazy.

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