help on dsl connection

By eudsnav ·
hHi im using a dsl account, i have a question regarding its connection, you see it has leased obtain (date and time), leased expires (date and time also), just want to ask why is it it is limited only for 2 hours. i.e.
leased obtain 10/14/08 11:00:00 am
leased expires 10/14/08 1:00:00 pm

thats the example, is it on my lan card, on my dsl or what... hope you can help me with this one...

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by kenrwoodson In reply to Did you try this, only tw ...

That is right, the modem can be restarted.
Thanks for reminding me, too.

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Your ISP is stingy with DHCP leases

by kenrwoodson In reply to help on dsl connection

Your IP address is obtained from your ISPs
DHCP service. There's nothin' u can do about that. The IP addr is used for your ISP to recognize your computer thru your NIC/LAN card. Basically, your computer is part of the ISP's network.

As long as their DHCP service renews that IP lease after that max time specified, then your machine will be okay.

Maybe your ISP is stingy with lease time because of protecting its network or has a small amount of addresses to give out.

Just because we pay for ISP services doesn't mean that they have to trust our computers... :)

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already tried

by eudsnav In reply to Your ISP is stingy with D ...

i already tried a lot of reconfiguration with my modem but to no avail.. i even followed this link:

and follow diff scenarios in here, but whenever i changed it like nailed up conn. i cannot browse other than the configuration web page.... and i always land to configure it as brodige to routing modem, this way i have 3 days til it expires, from now im going to use it for a while until another solution pops up...

btw: I experienced this prob just few weeks time, but the first time i subscribed to dsl, i didnt experience this kinda prob.until now..

thanks guys...

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Are you actually having a problem or just asking a question?

by 1bn0 In reply to help on dsl connection

The purpose of DHCP is to share a limited number of IP Addresses between a number of computers. The number of computers accessing the network can exceed the number of IP Addresses avialable from the DHCP range.

As long as the number of active computers is not greater than the number of avialable addresses than there is no problem.

The short lease timeout allows the ISP to re-assign the IP addresses sooner rather than later.

If you turn off your computer the IP address becomes avilable at the end of the lease timeout.

Basically your ISP needs to be able to re-assign the lease as soon as possible. IT would imply they have a lerger number of customers on their avilable sub-net than most would have.

It should not be causing you any issues and as long as you are getting an address it should not be a problem.

If you are doing something that requires being able to access your computer remotely you should ask for (and pay for) a Static IP Address.

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im actually encountering it

by eudsnav In reply to Are you actually having a ...

im actually experiencing thsi kind of problem, If my modem (ZyXEL P-600)is set to bridge, im only allowed a dsl connection of 2 hrs, no less no more, and im sure this is not enough right, coz youre paying for a dsl connection, unfortunately it will take you only 2 hrs, and then you have to restart the whole pc, coz even if you release, renew the ipconfig, still you have to restart the whole pc..

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