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Help!! Our Marketing dept is moving to MAC

By Jessie ·
I do high-level PC troubleshooting, networking and server support here for my company, and I've just been informed that VP of our Marketing dept wants to move to MACs. I can't say that I blame them. From everything I've ever heard about the MAC OS, it's nice & stable & handles graphic intensive applications very well.

My only problem is, I've NEVER worked on a MAC... One would assume that the hardware works basically the same, except for it's interface with the OS. I need to VERY QUICKLY learn the MAC OS -- and how to integrate it with our Exchange/Active Directory/W2k workstations/W2k3 Servers.

So... any resources, good books, classes, whatever... that you can recommend, would be infinitely appreciated.


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MACs are just another type of computer

by mikeh In reply to Help!! Our Marketing dep ...

Jessie, I'm an old Windows tech/analyst from way back, but recently bought a new iBook for doing my remote work.

My wife just bought a beautiful iMac, and we're both getting back into the MAC world.

I'd suggest trying to find a local Mac User's Group in your area. Failing that find a local dealer and get to know some of the guys/gals (particlularly the vendor whose supplying your company). Most Apple dealers will have some informal 'get to know your Mac' or 'get to know OS X' sessions.

O'Reilly have some excellent books on OS X. And last but not least there are Mac forums on Tech Republic and MacTopia on Microsoft's sites.

Good luck with the new venue, but remember it's just another type of computer that behaves a bit differently.

Mike Hedley

PS: forget about the Mac vs. Windows stuff and just bite the bullet and learn something new.

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Well stated

by Chief Bottle Washer In reply to MACs are just another typ ...

I agree with Mike's comment on learning something new.
As the creative director for a small Fortune 100 company
a computer is just another tool for me to create with. Mac,
Wintel machine it doesn't matter. The difference is in the
OS. Keyboard short cuts are different. Command keys are
different - so what. The machines job is to crunch the
math and spit out the results.

Information on learning the Mac OS can be found all over
the net. My main advise to you is not to be afraid to ask

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Do you find that your lack of observation skills

by neilb@uk In reply to Well stated

is a problem?

You see - or maybe not - that the thread is two years old and it's likely that the thread-initiator has either solved the Mac problem or moved on.

Actually, as she used to be a regular, I know that she's found time to have a baby since she started that thread and - to our loss - hasn't posted much this year at all so she won't have read the answers anyway.

Ah, well

You out there, Jessie?

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Buy a used one and learn about it on the job

by GNX In reply to Help!! Our Marketing dep ...

My design dept wants to get a couple of G5 Macs. I am in the process of buying some used equipment to play around with and hook into my network. The windows pc just doesn't quite work for a graphics based design program. I never worked on a mac until I got one to test out for a couple of days. Its kind of like coming from the age of the 455 to the C6 Corvette. When change came in he Marine Corps it was Improvise, Adapt and Overcome. Macs are not that bad to work on.

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This is an opportunity!

by dncbrady In reply to Help!! Our Marketing dep ...

Don't sweat it! Macs are a piece of cake.
The only problem with Macs is the long-time
users can get pretty stuffy. Anyway, look on this
as an opportunity - tell the department that
along with their hardware - you want a 17"
PowerBook so that you can become familiar
with the OS & applications (You'll LOVE
GarageBand). They may try to talk you down,
but don't go anything less than a 14" iBook
with a ComboDrive. DVD&CDR - may be less
than $1000 by now.

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Go for it!

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to Help!! Our Marketing dep ...

You need to get one to learn how to support it. Tell your boss you need a G5 and SyncMaster 243T - 24" LCD Display. With a setup like that, you will be motivated to learn quickly.

Craig Herberg

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by klikklikcomputers In reply to Help!! Our Marketing dep ...

Hey, no need to worrk, but I know how you feel. Right now you are in a high pnic cant think straight through certain conversations, but as I said previously no need to worrry.
I was in your same situation.... what I did was and always do is never ever turn down a job or task it done by other people so its just a matter of learning to do it. Well we get to the solution now. First and I say first, get your hands on an old but not too old mac (check ebay) I dont really suggest doing on the job training for this remember your employer's eyes are on you. Do it at home, try as best and as cheap as possible to set the same type of environment at home. This is what I did with a big company here where I live, they had macs and pcs their company does advertising, commercials and movies, tv station and several radio stations. So man I wasnt about to let those dollars go rolling off to someone else. Their network with the macs had gigabit nic cards but was using a 10/100 mbps switch, server 2003 25 macs 14 pcs with 10/100 nics. At first touch down I examined the tcp/ip settings of the macs because the employees complained that it took over 5 hours to transfer a 1GB file to either a mac from a mac from a mac to a pc and so on within a day i had that cut down to 8 minutes to transfer the same file I got all their work.
To sum up macs are basic no biggy. I still dont know their insides like a pc but I manage to keep them online and functioning. Think of it this way "Dont think of the mac as a MAC, think of it as you only know touse windows XP but you are now faced with configuring windows 95. Different user interface, same functions. Learn the mac use your same pc skills and knowledge to troubleshoot the mac these days same ram same ide hdd cdrom and so. Just to further suggest, one of the head designers in the same company was a die hard mac user they were looking into getting a new system for editing the boss approached me and asked what i recommended, hey i recommended a pc with built specs for the task. He approved my recommendation, i built the system and now that is the only system the same head designer uses. I did some exercises with the guy to prove to him that pcs rule (now) with the given and availability of various technologies. He put something a graphic file to render on the mac and then the same file to render on the pc i built given that the mac is older than the pc I told him to start the render on the pc 10 minutes after the one on the mac. Well to no avail bill gates and intel came out on top finishing not only before by 23.5 minutes (we used a stop watch) but at the same time he was downloading stuff from winmx and burning a dvd file 4.1GB on the pc. Goes to show that now a days that the myth of a mac being superior to pcs for design purposes are gone and when people realise that well so long mac baby. Imagine the same company needed a nic for a mac and it cost then 300 of my dollars when a nic for a pc (here in the caribbean) can start at around 50 of my dollars. So pal if you think that your company is going tha macintosh way have a meeting with the high uppers and see why they think that way and see if you can convince them to go the pc way. You may not be able to get a ps solution with dell , gateway or one of those guys but you sure can get the solution of one that you build. I used an ASUS motherboard with Intel Chipset P4 CPU with HT Rambus Serial HDD 256DDR AGP Card. So good luck on your trials if they do decide to go the mac way but dont be afraid you will get through it . Here are some links that may help you with your journey and GOOD LUCK !!!

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Beg to Differ

by rzimmerman In reply to DONT PANIC !!!

If you put a PowerPC next to a Dell/Gateway (whatever), the PowerPC will **** away the Intel Chip set, and I have yet to see a Windows Monitor that comes close to Apple. The MAC OS is two years ahead of Windows XP. I have a Gateway machine at work and an IMAC at home, and the Gateway is like Ma Kettle to Michelle Pheiffer.

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Beg to Differ

by rzimmerman In reply to DONT PANIC !!!

If you put a PowerPC next to a Dell/Gateway (whatever), the PowerPC will **** away the Intel Chip set, and I have yet to see a Windows Monitor that comes close to Apple. The MAC OS is two years ahead of Windows XP. I have a Gateway machine at work and an IMAC at home, and the Gateway is like Ma Kettle to Michelle Pheiffer.

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Go For It

by rzimmerman In reply to Help!! Our Marketing dep ...

I use an IMAC at home and Windows XP at work and the OS X is far superior. I haven't read the other posts, but if you purchase "The missing manual for OS X" by Pougue, you will be well served. This is a great reference to OS X - Panther, and all of the free software that comes with it. The Apple browser (Safari) is excellent and seems to be able to function with just about any URL. I don't have IWork, but I'm sure you're Marketing Department will want that for snazzy presentations that will **** Powerpoint away. MS Office works great in the MAC environment and your site license will support both venues. Actually I like the MAC version of MS Office better. As for Graphics Apple is unparalled and the screen presentation is the best in the business. I have the 20" monitor and love it. Rumor has it that the next OS upgrade (Tiger) will be available next month. I don't know anything about the integration issues posed by having a mixed shop, but you won't have the spyware and virus problems you have in the Windows world (at least not yet).

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