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By anthony_v_campos ·
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Need help, a company of my friend has been hit with Makop ransomware, they are right now dealing with a group who claims they could decrypt the infected data.. The groups is Ransomware Repair UK , (link removed by moderator)
Their service cost US$1,500

Is this a legit group??Please help..
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I suggest you should inform a your Cybercell

by engineeringera In reply to HELP PLEASE!

I understand this is of critical importance and time is of the essence, but try contacting the authorities first. There's a good chance they could help.
But really $1500 for data retrieval? was the data of such importance that it cannot be regathered?
Please be advised of bloated charges, because I dont think ANYBODY should be asking you this much for data retrieval!

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Best Solution: Prevention

by henrycartersmith93 In reply to HELP PLEASE!

The best remedy for such scenarios in all cyber threats is prevention. I understand the trouble your friend's company might have gone through but the only remedy is to have an effective backup and DR plan in place.

Cloud is always the best place to start. You can easily deploy backup and replication with StoneFly Cloud Storage in Azure, It is one of the cost-effective solutions, and looking at the enterprise-grade features that they are offering the solution is one a kind.

You can integrate delta-based snapshots with cloud storage – giving you the ability to revert to a previous ‘state’ of data. This allows IT environments to recover from data loss, data corruption, and ransomware.

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Trying to provide help

by pooja1588142131 In reply to HELP PLEASE!

In this critical situation, I would like to recommend a Penetration Testing and Cybersecurity services providing company. They might help your friend in retrieving the encrypted data at much less cost.

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Good lesson for coompany

by Will6181 In reply to HELP PLEASE!

My colleague also had the same issues with her data. But as I know she asked the company guy to fix that. She told me that due to some company polices they weren't able to recover all data. Now she needs to do the same documentation basically from scratch and manually. Good lesson to have a system administrator who can deal with some issues

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