Help!!!! ROFL how many have we seen of those lately???

By CG IT ·
but then I just remembered a clients problem with an NT server so maybe maniacman can HELP!!!.

Windows NT 6 that when taken off the network, users can get to the internet. can't remember if NT has ICS.

The internet connection is through a PIX 501 and an old Cisco 2600 which is not configurable. Users addressing is static with the gateway as the 2600 router.

So what the desired outcome is, take the NT box off the network, install W2K server as a file server and users can get to the internet.

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There's a way to do password recovery on Cisco routers

by ManiacMan In reply to well thought of that

I don't recall the exact procedure, but it involves rebooting the device and breaking out of the boot process, changing some register, and then changing the enable password and such. You may be able to find this info if you google for it, as it's public information. It's quite possible as well that the NT4 box is running MS Proxy Server, but it's been too long since I touched something with that much cobweb buildup on it.

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well can't really mess with equipment

by CG IT In reply to Have a good look here

that's not owned by the company.

it's a weird setup. The parent company provides the internet access to this child company but other than that, is pretty much hands off. However, they have said they will not buy new equipment [e.g. Cisco router or firewall nor reconfigure it for us].

I've mentioned to the child company manager to just get his own DSL line and he's thinking about it but of course with all businesses, cost is a problem and he does have internet connectivity just no way to upgrade his old NT box.

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Excuse my French, but how in the flying &*&^R@ do they expect you to get

by ManiacMan In reply to well can't really mess w ...

this working for them if you can't touch the equipment and they're being a bunch of stubborn pricks about buying new Cisco hardware? Who are these dillweeds anyway?

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Excuse my French, but how ...

remember that one. Dillweed.

What a beauty!

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well ya I agree ....

by CG IT In reply to Excuse my French, but how ...

but it's the problem this customer has. Seeing how he's had a bunch of other IT guys in also scratching their heads, he's call us in.

I've configured the W2003 server with the same addressing as the NT server[unplugging the NT server's cable]so there's not a duplicate address on the network and everyone loses their internet connection. So that sorta made me think the NT box is acting as a router itself or a proxy [but didn't look for MS Proxy server 2.0 software.

It's a weird setup.

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I really

by Jacky Howe In reply to well can't really mess w ...

don't envy your position. At the moment you are between a rock and a hard place.

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Time to call in the Ms. Cleo Psychic Geek Squad :^0

by ManiacMan In reply to I really

Perhaps they'll be able to psychically work on the equipment without touching it through their use of voodoo magic.

Call me now for you free psychic IT reading. :^0

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Geek Squad sure...

by CG IT In reply to I really

you can't imagine how many places I've gone to where the Geek Squad was previously there.

It seems that they've really paired down their consumer and small business on site support services though.

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I'm usually called in to clean up the mess those Geek Squad morons leave

by ManiacMan In reply to I really

They may be A+ certified and such, but they are not common sense and business logic certified. Some of the things I've seen them do made me wonder if they were human or a bunch of chimps wacking away at the PC with a large wooden stick.

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