Help!!!! ROFL how many have we seen of those lately???

By CG IT ·
but then I just remembered a clients problem with an NT server so maybe maniacman can HELP!!!.

Windows NT 6 that when taken off the network, users can get to the internet. can't remember if NT has ICS.

The internet connection is through a PIX 501 and an old Cisco 2600 which is not configurable. Users addressing is static with the gateway as the 2600 router.

So what the desired outcome is, take the NT box off the network, install W2K server as a file server and users can get to the internet.

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re Geek Squad.........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to I really

I swear, the people they hire are the same, shall we say "kids", that are the local computer geek guy that lives down the street and frequently "fix" the neighbor's computer. They know a bunch of hacks and convince people they've done their best to "fix" it for them. But, the problem is still there. It's just not visible any longer... or worse, all of their precious photo's disappeared shortly after the "kid" said.... OOOPS!

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Have you tried to perform a packet trace on the network?

by ManiacMan In reply to well can't really mess w ...

It'll give you a picture of what's acting as a DHCP server and what's going where in terms of traffic and such. Download WireShark and install it on your laptop. It's free and works just as well, if not better than Sniffer.

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by CG IT In reply to Have you tried to perform ...

well haven't sniffed packets...

didn't want to spend a lot of effort on this little project [billable time vs affordability] if it was an easy fix.

appears it's not.

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Agree with Maniac and Scott

by Churdoo In reply to Help!!!! ROFL how ma ...

No ICS on NT4, but as Scott asked, is it possible that the NT box is running MS Proxy, the predecessor to ISA?

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don't know about MS Proxy server...

by CG IT In reply to Agree with Maniac and Sco ...

and not near enough to the company to check out.

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Is there a proxy server on the NT?

by dksells In reply to Help!!!! ROFL how ma ...

I believe you only need one NIC for that. If there were a lot of different techs working on that configuration in the past, no telling what's there.

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