Help!! Router problem!

By dhelms10 ·
Alright, i have a D-Link DIR-615 router and is currently a device on my laptop. Now I want to connect the router to my main computer which the cable modem is connected too. Someone please tell me how I can possibly do this? Oh, and I misplaced the set up cd for the router.

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by dhelms10 In reply to Direct Link

I do not see how this right here,

"Basic steps on router...
shutdown computers
unplug cable modem
unplug router
connect all your network cables
power on modem and let it fully train to cable network
power on router and let it train up to cable modem
power on a wired computer and program router per manual"

removes the device off my laptop and actually works as a router on my main computer. come on man

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by ahadenfeldt In reply to Help!! Router problem!

What troubleshooting have you done? It's difficult for me to be specific based on the details you've provided so far. What cable provider/ISP? Does your main computer get a public or private (NAT) IP address when it's online? Depending on your provider you may only be authorized to connect from that one computer/MAC address, which means you'll need to transfer that to the DLink.

With due respect to the TR community (and I include myself) you might get better answers from a site like Someone there has almost certainly encountered the same scenario, but you'll need to provide specifics on your provider/modem/IP configuration.

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by dhelms10 In reply to Troubleshooting

Okay. I unplug the Ethernet cable from the modem (main cpu) and connect it to port 1 on LAN (dlink router). I try to let the modem talk to the router, but I have a connection but cannot get onto the internet. My old SSID is there and everything, but I know it has to do something with the IP address since it was on my laptop before.

And I am using time warner cable as my internet.

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by ahadenfeldt In reply to Troubleshooting

Ok, I'll admit I didn't follow your "emulator" comment either. What I would suggest based on a quick read of the DLink manual: Ignore the wireless/laptop part for a moment and get the cable connection working.

First, plug your main cpu into LAN port 1 (don't connect the cable modem yet) and use your browser to open (per Section 3 this is the default router address unless you changed it; likewise the default username/password are there too). Set the connection type to DHCP (use the Internet Connection wizard) and be sure to click the "Clone ... MAC" button when it displays. You may have to reboot the router after that. Then, connect the Internet port to the cable modem and wait a moment (say, 15 seconds).

Now check your work: The DLink status page (Section 3 says to click Status->Device Info, under the WAN section) should show an IP address; if it says then something's still not right. You may need to contact TWC and/or DLink to help you double-check settings.

Once the hard-wired PC connection is working you can focus on adding the wireless laptop--from your earlier statements it may just work anyway.

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Have I missed something here . . . .

by In reply to Help!! Router problem!

Thought this was a technical forum.
Try to get help from a local IT Supporter - or go to school to get a little understanding of these issues.

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Reponse To Answer

by donnasander In reply to Have I missed something h ...

It IS a technical forum but like it's been said, you didn't give enough info. What EMULATOR??? You first need to connect cable modem to outside internet. Then plug a computer (any one) into Lan port on modem, open a browser, type in the address bar, log in, and get the settings. (SSID, WEP/WPA/WPA2 code...etc) if they are on default, set your own passwords. And write them down.

After that, unplug the computer from the modem, and plug the router into the modem and a pc (same pc would be best) into router. Log in to the ROUTER this time using same address and whatever the default passwords are (usually they are user - admin and password-admin) and configure the router. You have to give the router the ssid info of the modem, and after you configure the router, you have to set up that information in your computer so your computer can connect (look it up in google depending on what operating system you have ....again, you gave NO information!)

After that, if you did it right, AND you don't have any hardware or cable issues, you should be able to connect to the internet. If you don't have enough technical information to figure this out, call a technician, it's above your comprehension level.

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Assuming your Dlink 615 is at factory settings do the following -

by Charles Bundy In reply to Help!! Router problem!

When you unplug your PC from the ISP modem, plug the Internet modem into the port labeled INTERNET on the DLink 615. Ports 1-4 are the switch you would plug your PC, Laptop, XBOX into. Plug the PC into Port 1.

Power everything down. Power up the Internet modem. Wait 30 seconds. Power up the Dlink 615. Wait 30 seconds. Power up your PC. Goto a command prompt and type ipconfig /all. You should be able to use a web browser to connect to the IP listed as your gateway (Gateway is the DLINK615). RTFM for wireless setup or plug laptop into Port 2 on DLINK 615.

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Clone MAC address

by jqbecker In reply to Help!! Router problem!


Some extra for you: if Charles Bundy's solution from above does not work, add this to the steps above:

1. Find the MAC address of your laptop, since that was direct-connect to router originally.
You can find the MAC address of your laptop by going to DOS command prompt, and enter ipconfig, hit [Enter]. It will be called "Physical Address:.... and look like 12-e3-f4-9a-75-0c
Make sure you get the wired adapter MAC, not the Wireless adapter MAC, Copy it down on paper.

2. Using browser, login to DIR-615 with default IP address

3. Set "My Internet Connection is" to "Dynamic IP"

4. Scroll down to the "Dynamic Connection Type " section

5. Enter the MAC (Physical) address, substitute colon ':' for the dashes between numbers
example: 12-e3-f4-9a-75-0c becomes 12:e3:f4:9a:75:0c

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Release the IP

by r_widell In reply to Help!! Router problem!

I also have NO IDEA what you are emulating nor where the emulation is being done.

However, I believe that jqbecker is on the right track with the instructions for cloning the MAC address.

While there are still a few ISPs that lock you into connecting to their network from a single MAC address for eternity, most have figured out that this is not realistic. But they will only allow a single MAC address to connect during the DHCP lease period. Unfortunately it may take days for the lease to expire. The easiest way around this is to release the connection from the machine that currently holds the lease (i.e. cancel the lease).

From the computer connected to the modem that currently has an internet connection:
1) Open the command prompt (Start->(all)programs->accessories->Command Prompt
2 ) type "ipconfig /release" (without the quotes), press Enter
3) shutdown the computer and disconnect the ethernet cable from the back of that computer.
4) Plug the cable you disconnected from the computer into the internet connector on the back of the POWERED DOWN router.
5) Power up the router,
6) connect an ethernet cable from one of the LAN ports on the router to your computer and power up you computer.

You should now be able to connect to the internet through your router.

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