HELP. Screen monitor problem dell inspiron 6000

By chic_brunette ·
Ok I really don't know what the exact issue is besides the fact that it's definately not the laptop itself its the screen.
I'd just like to know what the problem is, me not being a computer repairs person I don't know so hopefully someone else will.
The problem anyways, is that my screen is screwed, to elaborate on that, the bottom third of my screen goes completely weird a lot lately, as in it flickers and turns into flickering lines of the background, you can't see anything on the screen behind that area, it's like it breaks off and all it is is a flickering broken screen, all you can do at that point is try and re-adjust how open the laptop is and try and twist the screen a bit which usually after a while fixes the problem temporarily so it's back to normal.
But now it basically does that daily depending on how open the monitor is and it seems to be getting worse cause lately it takes longer to get the screen back to normal once it goes bad.
Please PLEASE someone give me an idea whats wrong? Clearly it's the screen itself and nothing to do with the software or settings. Has a wire gotten loose or something? Or is it just totally breaking and I have to get a new screen or laptop period?
If its the wiring to the screen I really don't know how to check it since its a laptop?
I know this is a long post and probably requires a long answer which most ppl might not feel like bothing with but i'd really appreciate the help.

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by animatech In reply to HELP. Screen monitor prob ...

Best of all I would avoid taking the laptop apart if I was you.
It is sound like a hardware problem (wire or loose connection) by your post.
If the laptop is under warranty then I will use the warranty.
If it is not I would ask around for some recommendation and get it to a qualified repairman.

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Not worth sending in

by jkarnick In reply to Hi

Mine was just out of warranty....a little over a year old, and after several calls to Dell, they told me that it would cost over five hundred dollars to fix it. So, I got to use the laptop for about a year, and I was screwed!

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It's broken.

by Absolutely In reply to HELP. Screen monitor prob ...

And you need a qualified technician for the repair.

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This aint rocket science....

by robo_dev In reply to It's broken.

Having fixed dozens and dozens of laptops:

It's either a ribbon cable is damaged, or it just needs to be re-seated into the connector where it attaches to the motherboard.

On most machines, you must remove the keyboard and the bezel between the keyboard and the screen. There are typically two connectors where the screen connects to the mobo, a small heavily shielded one that is the power for the display backlight and electronics, and a ribbon cable which is the signal cable (aka vga cable).

You inspect the ribbon cable and look for cracking or damage. Sometimes you can fix these with conductive ink, but usually not.

If you're lucky, it will work perfectly by simply re-seating the ribbon cable, or cleaning off the coffee-sugar-coke residue from the connector and re-seating it.

If this does not fix it, then typically you swap out the display (or sell the whole thing on ebay since the display is most of the cost of the unit)

If the ribbon cable were clearly bad you can probably get that as a repair part, or buy a trashed display on ebay for the part.

Of course if it's under warranty, let the dell dudes tackle it. If it's not, then you have nothing to lose. As long as you aren't one of those people who shears the lug nuts off your car or cross-threads light bulbs....

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Bad display

by mjd420nova In reply to HELP. Screen monitor prob ...

The best thing to do would be to send it to Dell for repair. The screen replacement will only cost $230. USD from Dell. If it's still under warranty, it would only cost shipping. I replaced the one on my daughters unit, and it was free. They are easy to replace if you have the skills.

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Any Updates?

by ccojocaru In reply to HELP. Screen monitor prob ...

I am having the identical problem with my 6000 and want to ensure that I am not wasting time/money in fixing it. Any help is appreciated.

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LCD screen problem

by mrjjp In reply to Any Updates?

Hi, your LCD screen is bad, it is a known Inspiron issue. It is very easy to replace the LCD screen. Try to find one on E-bay. If you decide to do it let me know. I can e-mail you directions....Or you can find them on the Dell website..

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inspiron 6000 screen issues

by jimgusek In reply to HELP. Screen monitor prob ...

I talked with Dell, this fix is $500 + tax. i found a replacement online still $475 (not a big job to replace). Not impressed that after 2 yrs and alot of $$, I need to spend another $500+. I find that on mine if I hook two fingers 2/3 up the left side and push my thumb into the screen it works. Took the unit apart looking for a loose connection or similar, there is nothing in the area where I push. I still use this machine with a remote screen (not very portable). Will I buy Dell again, doubt it.

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thumb trick worked!

by eclickbs In reply to inspiron 6000 screen issu ...

As I sit here trying to read posts to fix this problem I came across your trick of pushing the thumb into the screen and it worked thanx! I need to know how to get this laptop connected to a HP monitor as I don't know how long the thumb trick will

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I have 5 Dells and am never buying Dell again~!

by bamac86 In reply to HELP. Screen monitor prob ...

My Insp 6000 screen just died and is less than 2 years old and out of warranty. This computer MUST be a piece of junk if they're not warrantying them for longer than a year. That should have been a clue to me, I suppose. But being the loyal customer (sucker) I was, I went with the overpriced, underwarrantied piece of junk. I used to recommend to all my family and friends to buy Dell. Now, I am telling everyone I can not to buy. It's not worth it. I bought my 2 sons each a laptop this fall... Toshibas... each under $500 and each have been wonderful computers. They do as much, are much lighter to carry, and I don't feel ripped off. My Insp 6000 was over $1500... just think, I could've gotten 3 Toshibas for what I paid. Makes me sick!

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