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HELP! University of Phoenix Degree.

By kmellentine ·
OK, I am busting it all out here and asking for your help. Are you a hiring manager? Would you hire a UOP graduate? The reason I ask is that due to the UOPs misleading tactics, I was enrolled there and graduated with a BSIT, I have since graduation been employed as a Secretary...because no one hiring believes that UOP is anything more than a degree mill. Please tell me if your company would hire a UOP graduate. I want to get a start on some hard data so I can fight this legally....I want to prove they "sold" me a bogus degree.

Also in your opinion what could someone in my shoes do to improve their chance of getting into the IT field??


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online learning is fine

by madtechgirl In reply to Your missing the point

I didn't say online learning was not acceptable. I said that online degrees, meaning something from UofP is not acceptable. There are plenty of "bricks and mortar" colleges that have online courses and you can in fact, get your degree by solely attending online classes.
My point is you need a well rounded education and the skills for the job.

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Your Candidate Was LYING & Why UOP is Great

by scat10 In reply to no I wouldn't

I am just finishing up my UOP degree (BS/Business Magmt & Marketing) and I just scoured my student website for any information about a PhD in Web Development. I was extremely skeptical about such a degree, just as you were. Well, guess what? UOP doesn't offer it.

I find it highly annoying that you passed judgement on the school without doing your homework. Clearly, the idiot applicant was lying; had you done proper research, you would have discovered as much.

By the way, UOP offers plently of brick and mortar programs and classes. Nearly all my courses were in classrooms with professors and other students present.

In my case, I have 10 years of IT front line tech experience and wanted to take it to the next level. UOP fit perfectly within these goals. If not for what I learned at UOP, I would not have doubled my salray in the last year and a half. That's right, DOUBLED.

Additionally, the weekly group work (which seemed frustrating at the time), perfectly prepared me for my current position. I managed to make my mistakes in a school setting, not real life. Now I am very well equipped to work with group dynamics and varied personality types.

The required weekly presentations have also proven to be hugely beneficial. Now, when called upon to speak in front of a group of my peers OR senior management, I feel perfectly comfortable. Thank you UOP.

My career is making leaps and bounds because of my efforts at UOP. For that I will be forever grateful.


Here is a list of UOP PhD programs, direct from the student website:

Doctor of Business Administration v.001
Doctor of Education v.001
Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership with a Specialization in Curriculum and Instruction v.001
Doctor of Management v.001
Doctor of Management v.002
Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership with a Specialization in Information Systems and Technology v.001
Doctor of Health Administration v.001

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i did thanks

by madtechgirl In reply to Your Candidate Was LYING ...

I did do my research as I stated in my post. At that time UoP did offer a PhD in Web Development. I also took it further and looked at the coursework.

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Don't think so

by techmngr In reply to i did thanks

I'm sorry to say that UOP has never offered a PhD in Web Development. You must have UOP confused with another school.

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Irony - or maybe "Oh yes I would"

by pigpen702 In reply to no I wouldn't

Your HR filtering system might be a database type thing, probably like PeopleSoft...

In San Jose I attended UoP. My database courses we3re facilitated by a guy with a little background in database design... Briefly: He began with IBM, rose to the leadership within the DB2 creation team, and received a call to join a small start-up in California. This guy was employee number 16 of the little company to soon become "PeopleSoft". So I guess my poorly qualified UoP instructor was the original database designer / developer of the very system that would kick out my resume! HUMMMMM... It must really STINK to be an HR type!

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An Edge

If you really want an edge, get certified in the area you want, cisco for networking, microsoft for developement, or database.

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Can you do the work?

by dmack58 In reply to An Edge

I have one question, after receiving your degree from U of P do you believe you can do the work?

If so, the degree doesn't matter.
Our very BEST tech was a music major who didn't even bother to finish his degree.

Whatever you decide your next step is going to be, be sure that you pick significance over security. If you have to, pick a lower paying tech job with potential then a higher paying deadend job - and don't be afraid to job hop to build your skillset. You will find that if you REALLY love what you do the money will follow.

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certification does not mean you can produce

by jhogue In reply to An Edge

Just being certified does not necesssarily prove that you can do the work. There are a lot of cram schools out there that spend a few days cramming you full of test answers. Certification only means that you can pass a test.

A few years ago I applied for a DB manager job with the certs they wanted. They shut me into an office with a PC and a big data base. I had one hour to produce a professional looking report that explained the data to their managerial level people.

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No Edge here

by pigpen702 In reply to An Edge

We are an Open Source house... We do have some Cisco equipment, but NOTHING Microsofty. Supercomputers and .NET don't seem to be compatible. As successful as I am, I guess UoP was good to me.

My years at GA Tech are still a blur, but UoP is quite clear. Adult education is not the same as K-16-18 but the student is not the same either.

Brick and mortar vs. online: my UoP was in the classroom in San Jose with some very talented "facilitators". I cannot express an opinion of the value of an online degree. I didn't see any reference to "on-line" in the original post? UoP has some 60 brick and mortar campuses... The classroom is set up more like a conference room... Yup it sounds too much like business reality for the ?cert? carryin? folks.

Business skills = significant advancement PERIOD.

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Small steps..

by nesdog1122 In reply to HELP! University of Phoen ...

I'm an instructor at UOP teaching in the IT track. I'm currently a network admin plus 25 years in IT.

Many of my students think they'll get the "big paying job" by completing this program. This is exactly what I heard when I was among the first wave of techies earning an MCSE in the 90's. And what I heard when I earned an M.B.A. in the 80's.

It doesn't work like that. As a hiring manager, I'm mainly interested in 1) how do you fit in with the culture of our organization? 2) what do you bring to the table IN EXPERIENCE?

Every organization is willing to invest in its staff, if they are a decent company however we don't have the time to spend months bringing you up to speed. Book learning is great but you need real hands-on background. That is what gets you hired. The degrees, certs, etc. are meaningless unless you can show some skills.

My first job after earning an MCSE was Helpdesk, and paid nothing. But I paid my dues and worked my way up.

Would I hire a UOP grad? Sure...provided you have more on the table than a piece of paper.

Good luck and hang in there.

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