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HELP! University of Phoenix Degree.

By kmellentine ·
OK, I am busting it all out here and asking for your help. Are you a hiring manager? Would you hire a UOP graduate? The reason I ask is that due to the UOPs misleading tactics, I was enrolled there and graduated with a BSIT, I have since graduation been employed as a Secretary...because no one hiring believes that UOP is anything more than a degree mill. Please tell me if your company would hire a UOP graduate. I want to get a start on some hard data so I can fight this legally....I want to prove they "sold" me a bogus degree.

Also in your opinion what could someone in my shoes do to improve their chance of getting into the IT field??


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I would hire a UofP graduate!

by jcitron In reply to HELP! University of Phoen ...

Hi Karen,

I would definitely hire a UofP grad over a lot of other people. As a current student there in the BSIT program, I see a lot of potential from the people attending.

First of all, we have to learn to work and think independently and as a team.

We have to deal with people from not only in the US, but from around the world, scheduling meetings around different time zones, dealing with a lot of different personalities, etc.

Secondly, many of us have real work experience along with the degree. Geeze... There are so many little kiddies out there who just graduated, but have never worked a real job in their life. These kids are demanding too, and many of them want the benefits without the hard work that goes with them. They come to work with an attitude, and expect everything handed back to them on a silver platter.

The course work is work-related. The last three courses I have taken have helped me in my current job. The Database Concepts class, for example, opened up many doors for me, after I mentioned this course to the IT manager. All of a sudden he had me running reports and performing data downloads off the SQL server!

So I think, as probably a lot of others have said here, that your problem maybe experience more than anything else. If you had more work-time behind you, this may help a lot. I suggest that you look for a small company to work for, and try for a ground-up type position. I currently work for a company with around 16 employees. Yes I wear a lot of hats, but the work experience is worth its weight in gold because the different people have shown me different things that all relate back to the BSIT degree in one way or another.

Therefore, when I graduate, for example, I will not only finally have my BSIT degree, but more than 26 years in high technology with about 15 years in IT. I am sure my skills will be a lot more marketable than many students just graduating from any school. After I receive my degree (God willing), I plan to go back for my certificates in CISCO, Microsoft, and others. After that, I plan to possibly go back to school again for teaching. I figure with my degree, the many years of work experience, and certificates, my skills will be worth more than the little kid that just graduated from college.

So in summary, yes I would definitely hire a UofP person. We have a lot more to offer than a recent 20-something college graduate who has never set foot in a workplace in his or her life.


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IT depends

by unhappyuser In reply to HELP! University of Phoen ...

I'd have to see if they were accredited, what was your course study and how well you did.

Your cahnces to improve getting a job? Experience. Even if you have to volunteer somewhere or help seniors get connected, that will help.

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Not Much Help

by FirstPeter In reply to HELP! University of Phoen ...

I don't know that I'll help your cause, but from my perspective that diploma is just a piece of paper. My experience has been that the diploma simply says "I was willing to spend the time to earn it" and really has no bearing on the success of someone.

I have folks that work for me with no degrees, period, that I'd put in charge of a project long before folks that I know that DO have degrees. The attitude of the person is generally a better indicator than the diploma. All other things equal yeah - I'd take a UoP degree over nothing, I suppose, but between Cal Tech, UoP, and Duke...doesn't matter.

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Yes I'd hire a UOP Grad

by Pancho_DBA In reply to HELP! University of Phoen ...

I am a proud graduate of their evening degree completion program. I would hire anyone who could meet the demands of that 2-year, year-round program. We did a semester's work in 5 weeks, meeting one night a week in class and frequently on Saturday mornings in smaller study groups. My degree is a B.Sc. in Business Administration. It's enabled me to land progressively better jobs in IT. As for their online division, I think it is valid and is appropriate for our times and technology. The average age of a UOP student is 31 so they are motivated to accomplish things, and the degree is evidence. If you're concerned about credentialng, I suggest earning Microsoft or Cisco certification, or a cert. from other well-known technology companies. Security is a good one right now. Meanwhile, more inexpesively, check out They have some free exams and vendor-specific exams, you can purchase a paper certificate for $25.00 and maintain an online transcript for free. Good luck and don't despair. Take care, Pancho

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by jerseydave In reply to HELP! University of Phoen ...

I was actually talking about this and other 'online' schools with a professor tonight, and was told that he knows people at MAJOR employers said no, they absolutely would not. He said they don't mnd online classes, but from a REAL university.... Real meaning they have a campus, you just happen to be taking online classes.

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by anniemae46 In reply to UofP

Sometimes I think this country is insane and how fast some people will put down innovation just to defend the establishment in terms of learning.
UOP is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. They also have campuses all over the place. It's just that when UOP offered a solid online program, not many others did--UOP had the process figured out early. I think that's why enrolling with other, more established universities was not an option for many working adults. I've had class mates in the military working online from all around the world; something they could not do otherwise. Or, people who live in rural areas, or who were disabled, etc.
I think anyone involved in screening prospective candidates should know more about accredited online-only learning and how it actually works. No slacking off partying some place.. In fact, it involves much discipline, collaboration and work. Perhaps many people get into these programs when they should not have if they are not fully committed. It would be a slap in the face of the faculty if the faculty would be seen as mediocre. I mean if there is a problem then it should be fixed and the process improved, but not abandon the entire idea.

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HP paid for my UOP degree

by gralfus In reply to UofP

The whole reason I went to UOP was that HP made us get BS degrees just to keep our positions (and paid for the classes). This is a major employer (or used to be, now they are a major unemployer).

UOP does have a real campus, they just offer complete degrees online for those who are unable to physically go to the campus.

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by ljkinder In reply to HELP! University of Phoen ...

Sorry, Karen. But, some of the most prestigious companies pay TUITION REIMBURSEMENT for UOP, so I don't think it's because of UOP. Willingness to START AT THE BOTTOM, pay dues, work hard, work smarter, and provide solutions is how to get advancement: appreciating that advice, will tell you whether or not you are promotion material.

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Parts Control Manager

by amoore In reply to HELP! University of Phoen ...

I understand your dilemma. I am not in the IT field but I do expect my team members to be well established in their fields of skill. To answer your question, I would hire a person from UOP because it still takes someone with dedication to push through the hard work to graduation. However if they are applying with only the degree in their hopper and no experience, I would most likely hire the other applicant which has years of experience and no degree. My advise to you, if you really want the company to take you seriously, start taking on projects in your own time. Books you think your "boss" would want to see you reading to help you improve your chances for the promotion to IT, leave them out on your desk where he can see them. Not so much he would think you are making it obvious but enough where he might ask you about it. Then, you are smooth sailing for explaining how much you do know. Or read them at your desk at lunch time where everyone can see you. Employers want someone who is self-starting and takes initiative. Little tricks like this can make them think they made a wrong choice in your job position. They will add you to their metal list and start noticing what you do know. This is when you can start shining with your knowledge.

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by techmngr In reply to HELP! University of Phoen ...

If anyone would not hire you just because you went to UOP then you probably wouldn't want to work for them anyway. The whole point of a completing a college degree is to get your foot in the door. You are now 'qualified' to enter the interview process for a given position. I am a hiring manager in a Fortune 500 company and to be honest I could care less where a person went to school. I only look to see if they have completed the prerequisites for the position. IMHO, where you went to school has zero impact on how you will perform on the job. I actually admire those who complete a degree online/part-time while working full time. It shows dedication and perseverance. I would definitely hire a UOP grad without hesitation if they met the requirements for the position.

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