HELP! Where did my desktop icon, music, pictures, and videos go?

By macwhallup ·
Ok so i was on the internet an i started getting trojan viruses an little bubbles kept poppin up saying how i could possibly loose my personal stuff if i dont get the virus in time...well..guess i didnt get it in time. so i downloaded uhm.. malware? an it cleaned everything up nice worked great...but it left my desktop blank i cant find my music but i got my itunes music still ALL my photos are gone my movies videos most of my stuff..gone but get this..i went to go put the itunes icon back on the desktop an some other icons i had on there before i droped it on the desktop an it says move an copy? copy an overwrite. like the icons are there but invisible. i still got my start menu still but its empty like under all programs all gone i dont get it i mean i dint back nothing up on my hard drive..i dont think idk someone PLEASE help me out it would be so appriciative

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Likely your files have attributes set to "Hidden"

by dave In reply to HELP! Where did my deskto ...

You don't say which operating system you are using, but get Windows to display Hidden Files and Folders and see if the files are visible that way. My son had a similar malware infection on his computer and like terry.baresh says, the files have the hidden attribute set.

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Please don't mind if I am wrong

by mahaju In reply to HELP! Where did my deskto ...

but considering the question he has asked, imho at least, I don't think he will will be able to carry out most of the advices given here
I don't think he is using Linux, and if he is Windows 7 or Vista, I think someone should tell him the path of the desktop and my documents folders so that he can at least see where his pictures and video files are (assuming of course that all the files have not been hidden in this view as well)
I've never used Vista or Windows 7 (I don't like anything above XP) but I am sure somebody here definitely knows about this
If he is using XP,
Desktop can be found at
C:\Documents and Settings\..username..\Desktop
My Documents at
C:\Documents and Settings\..username..>\My Documents

Just replace the ..username.. with XP login username
If you are not sure what this is click on the start menu and it can be seen on the top of the start menu box that appears

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Your data is ALL there!

by anthonyis2000 In reply to HELP! Where did my deskto ...

All of your data and icons are there. As stated - hidden. After the malware removed Rt click desktop to show icons if they are not there. Since you haven't specified what O/S you are using or what malware etc. you may have been hit with, we are kind of guessing as to what needs to correct the issue. I have removed similar types of malware from several Vista and XP computers. As Spitfire_Sysop mentioned, its probably something similar to Win 7 Anti-Virus 2011, XPAnti-Virus xxxx or SystemTool. I may be wrong but the guys at Bleeping computer have an excellent step by step guide to remove one of the malware that cause this problem. SystemTool and XPAntiSpyware xxxx are two that act the similar. No sense in me typing it up. Here is a link to their guide. I hope it helps you. You will need to download rkill and Malwarebytes.

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Followup after recovery

by ps.techrep In reply to HELP! Where did my deskto ...

Once you have removed whatever malware scrambled your system and have restored your system, you would be well advised to learn more about the basics of your OS, file management and safe computing. If you didn't lose any data and didn't require re-installation of your operating system and applications, consider yourself lucky, not smart.

There is no reason for you to not know where your data files and applications are stored in your system. You should be directing your system where to store them - preferably not on the default system drive, typically C: on MS-based systems. Doing this will shelter you from the majority of malware that damages data files, and permit you to completely replace your OS if needed without touching your data.

Nor should you to have to totally rely on desktop shortcuts. While they are convenient, they aren't necessary. Not knowing how to locate and directly access the applications and data will significantly impede your ability to use other machines, especially the ones using secured/virtualized desktops that are being adopted by business.

If you were using a MS-based system, and only your desktop were corrupted, after removal of the malware you could simply create a new user and profile, and either build new links to your most frequently used items - or clean up your menus and access them directly. It's no more difficult than cleaning and organizing a physical desk.

On your personal computers, you should be using a security suite that protects you against malware, but for any of them to be effective, you have to invest a little time and effort learning how your system works and how malware is transmitted. No personal desktop OS exists today that is invulnerable to malware damage or infection; you need to assume that your system will be attacked, and learn to take steps to minimize your exposure.

There are many good anti-malware suites available, including free ones for MS-based systems, such as Comodo Internet Security, that include sandboxes for running unknown-safety downloads and/or registry and system file virtualization to protect you while the downloads are evaluated, but none of them is perfect, and all depend on you to know how to use them..

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Reponse To Answer

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Followup after recovery

I'd say he's probably still under attack, since he hasn't said that he understood the fake AV to be a fake AV, so until he can confirm that, it's hard to help.

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by Galeazzo In reply to HELP! Where did my deskto ...

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