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Help with a catchy business name and slogan for a Computer Co.

By mkrisa32 ·
Hi all,
I am trying to start up a new computer business thats focused on home/business networking, data migration,windows repair, and virus removal.I have been brain storming for about a week now and cannot seem to come up with a catchy name and slogan. Any help would be much appreciated.

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I bought lots of stuff at Computer Junction

by JamesRL In reply to Crossroad Computing

In Toronto, think they've gone now.

We would just shorten it to the Junction. Though there is an area of the city called the Junction, we usually knew which one we meant.

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by JamesRL In reply to Help with a catchy busine ...

Don't like my work? My responsiveness? My rates? So Sue Me!

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Or the Linux equivalent,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to SoSuMe
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Tarzan - you; Sue - me! {no text}

by TobiF In reply to SoSuMe
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"myGr8t - puts the GREAT! in migration" :)

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Help with a catchy busine ...

That was obvious

Why be a jigsaw when you can be a hammer, right?

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catchy business name

by davidsfl In reply to Help with a catchy busine ...

A PC Specialist, top of the alphabet, and it is who you are.

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Thanks all

by mkrisa32 In reply to catchy business name

I apperciate each and everyone's input, please keep them coming. I do give props to the people that said to start with the letter "A" in the name. That never crossed my mind. I guess i could be a little more specific. I do live in the Tri-State area and i will be mostly traveling from job to job. The closest cities are Beaverfalls, PA, Darlington, PA, East Palestine, OH. I thought about tri-state but that is to many miles to drive (WV, PA, and OH). Again thanks for the input.

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The A prefix

by Oz_Media In reply to Thanks all

It gets abused in most Yellowpages, look at towing, auto service, auto parts and they have 'A Auto' but someone else uses AA Auto, then the next guy AAA Auto etc. to get the first listing, which is actually very effective.

It was a common game used for YellowPages advertising, I don't know if it still applies to non print, non indexed listings though.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Help with a catchy busine ...

SOHO NETCOM (Small Office Home Office Networking Computers)


CBS computers (Catchy Business Slogan Computers )

Router Rooter


Bits-N-Bytes Networks (good for residential marketing)

Memory Master Maintenance

I'd have to know more personal details actually. Age, name, history etc. Which I would never ask for online from anyone.

Start looking at other names in your area for Yellow pages advertising, ad an A in front of something, AA-Computer Service, A-Bility systems etc.

People never flip more than a page when they find the right section (do people still use phone books? I think so)

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by Oz_Media In reply to Help with a catchy busine ...

Simple, use a Greek font that looks like a frat house sign.

The cool EE's would make logos, shirts, business cars etc. look really hip, especially if you have colleges nearby. You can have a graphic of an Aristotle looking dude in a toga holding an iPad instead of a stone tablet.

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