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Help with a really weird booting issue.

By Trinix ·
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A while ago I bought some parts from and built my computer and installed the software and everything worked fine. I thought it worked fine but I discovered a weird booting issue where after several hours (like 6 hours) of the computer being off and I tried turning it back on everything would turn on except for booting. I would press the reset button and voila! The computer turns on. A friend of mine told me that it was the motherboard so I requested a replacement. I installed the replacement and I still have the same issue. The computer turns on only after a couple of hours being off.

Later, I asked a question on TechRepublic and a few members told me that my power supply might be bad because of some malfunction with one of the transistors inside.

I bought and installed the new power supply and I'm having an even more frustratingly weird booting issue similar to what I had in the beginning.

when I say "experience the above" I mean where everything turns on except for booting the HD and I have to press 'reset' to boot the computer.
Now, my computer sometimes experiences the above . I've noticed that after some windows update or some software update (like a driver or something) and it needs to restart for changes to take affect the computer experiences the above. If I wait like 10 hours without turning it on it experiences the above.

Now I'm confused and annoyed because this is such frustrating problem.

Here are my specs for my comp:

MB: MSI 790FX-GD70
CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 Black Edition (multiCore)
RAM: OCZ Gold DDR3 PC8500 1066
H Western Digital SATA
Pwr sup: Cool Max 900 watt-Green Power

Please help me, eventually I'll have to take it in for it to be analyzed but I need to understand a real possiblility.

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that should tell you if it's a RAM issue - this sort of testing is about

by Deadly Ernest In reply to To Deadly Ernest

all you can do with many odd problems, check a component at a time.

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Check the disk

by overwrked1 In reply to Help with a really weird ...

I've seen issues like this and usually it's one of two things, the hard disk or a shorted keyboard stand-by button. When you hit the power switch the HDD should spin up immediately and you can feel the slight vibration in it and if you listen carefully you can here the servo motor start. Since you built this I assume you pulled all the control leads to the main board except the power switch and tried it.

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Do you get a POST beep?

by Ron K. In reply to Help with a really weird ...

The single beep after everything is supposed to test itself?

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I had a similar problem once

by Kenone In reply to Do you get a POST beep?

turned out that it was the HDD. Nothing wrong with it, it was just to slow spinning up. As I recall I had to go into the BIOS and increase a delay time. My memory is a bit fuzzy but it might be worth a look.

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To Kenone

by Trinix In reply to I had a similar problem o ...

I wouldn't believe it's the HDD because I don't believe that even turns on because the computer gets stuck at the CPU initialization, according to the mainboard manual.

I am having this scary feeling it's the CPU so I hope it's the RAM.

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It may be worth being very careful in removing hte CPU fan and the

by Deadly Ernest In reply to To Kenone

cpu and then putting them back in, making sure the CPU is seated right.

Your last post reminded me of an issue I once had with a client where it turned out to be the CPU wasn't fully seated as whoever installed the cpu had NOT opened the clamp before putting the cpu in, so the cpu did not sit properly but was only resting on the connectors instead of being seated and clamped in. It gave real weird intermittent errors too, as what happened depended upon the power to cross the gap at every pin.

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To Ron K

by Trinix In reply to Do you get a POST beep?

I don't get any beeps.

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You should get a POST beep.

by Ron K. In reply to To Ron K

That tells you your pc is ready for business, to load an OS or whatnot. Here's a list of POST codes, to give you an idea. <br>

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For what it's worth....

by Ron K. In reply to To Ron K

Whenever I haven't gotten a POST beep it's been the power supply that was no good.

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another thing, check the front panel connectors to the motherboard

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Help with a really weird ...

are on the right way round and pushed down fully - not loose.

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