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Help with a really weird booting issue.

By Trinix ·
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A while ago I bought some parts from and built my computer and installed the software and everything worked fine. I thought it worked fine but I discovered a weird booting issue where after several hours (like 6 hours) of the computer being off and I tried turning it back on everything would turn on except for booting. I would press the reset button and voila! The computer turns on. A friend of mine told me that it was the motherboard so I requested a replacement. I installed the replacement and I still have the same issue. The computer turns on only after a couple of hours being off.

Later, I asked a question on TechRepublic and a few members told me that my power supply might be bad because of some malfunction with one of the transistors inside.

I bought and installed the new power supply and I'm having an even more frustratingly weird booting issue similar to what I had in the beginning.

when I say "experience the above" I mean where everything turns on except for booting the HD and I have to press 'reset' to boot the computer.
Now, my computer sometimes experiences the above . I've noticed that after some windows update or some software update (like a driver or something) and it needs to restart for changes to take affect the computer experiences the above. If I wait like 10 hours without turning it on it experiences the above.

Now I'm confused and annoyed because this is such frustrating problem.

Here are my specs for my comp:

MB: MSI 790FX-GD70
CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 Black Edition (multiCore)
RAM: OCZ Gold DDR3 PC8500 1066
H Western Digital SATA
Pwr sup: Cool Max 900 watt-Green Power

Please help me, eventually I'll have to take it in for it to be analyzed but I need to understand a real possiblility.

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To Deadly Ernest

by Trinix In reply to another thing, check the ...

I thought it was the power connectors from the case but I used the power button that is integrated onto the motherboard and the same effect shows up.

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dang, there goes the simple fix theory - nt

by Deadly Ernest In reply to To Deadly Ernest
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I would take out the Processor...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Help with a really weird ...

Take out the processor and fan.
Now give it good clean wipe, wipe off all of the paste. Now replace the processor and then very, very thinly spread the thermal paste on top. Now replace the heatsink and fan and then power up.
Please post back if all goes well or not.

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To: Peconet Tietokoneet

by Trinix In reply to I would take out the Proc ...

So you believe it's the CPU heh? ugghhh, I did not want that to be it. I don't have any spare parts to test for this so I'll have to pay and have a professional test for it to make sure. Thank you for your input.

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Second the CPU/Heatsink

by leiblera In reply to To: Peconet Tietokoneet

I'd second checking out the CPU. The fact that there's a specific window of time invloved between shut down and restart always points me towards either a setting somewhere or something thermal. Cooldown time, you know?

It sound like you've already checked BIOS and such. The reply below points out checking the adv power settings in Win7; that's a good thing to check, too.

I'd then try removing the current processor, heatsink and fan, cleaning them really well, and then reinstalling. I had a buddy with an AMD system who had the same kind of problems you're having and he had just put too much thermal paste btw the processor and heat sink. If that doesn't work, then I'd get them checked or replace them.

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The simplest test is the one you do yourself

by NickNielsen In reply to To: Peconet Tietokoneet

Exactly as PT described. I'll expand:
- Unscrew the processor fan/heat sink assembly and remove it.
- Scrape all excess heat-conductive paste from the bottom of the heat sink and the top of the CPU. Work toward the center of the CPU and leave only a small bead of paste at the center.
- Release the CPU retaining clip (it will be a bar at one side of the CPU. Press down and away from the CPU, then lift to open.)
- Holding only the edges, lift the CPU out of the socket.
- Check for bent pins by illuminating the bottom of the CPU and looking down the rows of pins.
- Reinsert the CPU, being careful to match the notch on the CPU to the notch on the socket.
- Verify the CPU is fully inserted (make sure all four edges are flush with the top of the socket). If it rocks at all, it's not fully inserted.
- Close the CPU latch by pressing down until it clicks.
- Use a putty knife or razor blade to spread the bead of heat conductive paste over the top of the CPU.
- Reinstall the heat sink/fan assembly. Twist it slightly to seat it in the paste.

See how it works. If you are at all unsure about any of the steps, consult a local professional.

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Had a similar issue

by shodges119 In reply to Help with a really weird ...

Windows 7 right? It's was a power setting on windows for me. If I let it sleep for more than a few hours it would not wake without a reboot. Inside the Power Controls there is a setting for "Deep Sleep" or shutting down certain services at certain points. I had never seen the setting on past renditions of MS. I run Ultimate. Once I changed this one setting I no longer had the issue. It seems that some AMD Boards or Graphics Cards DO NOT LIKE this setting. I hate you have spent so much money if this is indeed your issue.

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