Help with Outlook 2003 email - won't send.

By mbecker908 ·
Bottom line, I can receive POP3 email from my accounts into OL2003, but if I try to reply, forward or start a new message I can't send it. I've been using OL200 for about two years with no problems managing multiple remote email accounts and everything went to **** last week.

I'm running the MS Office 2003 Suite in Windows XP. Last week I was accessing three POP3 accounts with Outlook (NOT OL Express). One was from a remote server from a former employer (which was my default account), one was from a GoDaddy account I own and one was from gmail. I've had all of these accounts running, along with several other remote server email accounts with no problems for as long as I've had OL2003.

I deleted the remote server account with my former employer while it was still my default account, checked the email account list in OL and it had assigned default status to my gmail account which was what I intended to to anyway. I made no other changes. I set up an additional gmail address and it tested fine and downloaded the email then in the account. I attempted to Reply to one of the messages and discovered that there was no Send/Receive button on the toolbar. There was the greyed bar at the top of the email identifying the account that I should be replying from, but no S/R button. I exited the email, saved the reply into the Outbox, and clicked the New button to send a new email and no S/R button and no indication of the account it should be sent from. Since I have the S/R button when I'm reviewing the task panes, I clicked it to see if OL would send the saved email from the Outbox, it would not.

Since then, I've done the following:

1. Deleted all three POP3 accounts from OL and set them up again. They all tested as working accounts but I could not send from any of them.
2. Using my third party uninstaller which removes everything including registry entries, I deleted my MS Office Suite (I backed it up an saved the backup on a remote hard drive). I then ran a registry cleaner (CClean) and AdAware just for the heck of it. I reinstalled MS Office 2003. No change to OL, still can't send.

I'm at wits end. Any help or suggestions would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Bad link.

by mbecker908 In reply to Check this link

I get the following: Error:Error: ContentContent notnot foundfound

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Try this

by Jacky Howe In reply to Bad link.

as they have blocked port 25.

< this will have to do >

You cant access the links unless you go through their pages. Look for this under Learning Center. Email

Troubleshooting: Unable to Send Email to an AOL User

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Here is the info

by Jacky Howe In reply to Try this

Information: Additional Email Settings Information


This article explains the Cox policy restricting the use of third-party SMTP servers.
Also discussed are the requirements for using vanity domains, SMTP Port 25 restrictions, and related Fequently Asked Questions.

Refer to Resources for Setting Up Email Client for links to documentation on email settings and configuring various email clients.


Cox requires all email messages sent from our network to go through Cox outbound (SMTP) servers. Any attempt to send email using a third-party outbound email server will result in an error message in your email software, and the message will not be delivered.

The use of Cox email servers is required to reduce the amount of unsolicited email, or spam, that is sent from our network. Spam is not only a nuisance, but also potentially degrades our email service by consuming network and server resources. Spam also increases the potential for computer virus attacks. Finally, excessive amounts of spam originating from our network can result in other ISPs refusing to receive any email, including legitimate messages, from our network.

You may be connecting to a third party mail server because of one of the following reasons:

Your email software, such as Outlook Express, is configured to use a third party outgoing mail server to send email, with or without your knowledge.
Your computer may be allowing other users from the Internet to connect to it. These outside users may be using your machine to relay their email. We recommend that you review the security of your PC.
Your computer is infected with a virus that is attempting to spread itself via email. We recommend that you update your antivirus software and scan your machine for viruses.
Vanity Domains

Although Cox does not currently host or support vanity domains, some of our customers have acquired them through third parties and want to use them in their email messages. Cox does not prevent the use of vanity domains as either the From or Reply-To address in your email header. However, if you use a vanity domain on your email, it must be a valid domain that can be resolved by the Domain Name System (DNS) servers. Any email sent with invalid domains in the From or Reply-To address fields will not be delivered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Select to view all answers.
Does this mean that I have to use my email address for everything I send?

No. You can use any valid email address, but the email sent from your Cox High Speed Internet connection must be routed through a Cox SMTP server.

What are the correct SMTP server settings to use with the Cox High Speed Internet service?

For more information on setting up your email, go to Resources for Setting Up Email Client.

Why do you require the use of Cox outbound (SMTP) email servers?

It reduces the number of spam and virus emails originating from our customers. Most Internet Service Providers have adopted this practice to reduce spam. We must take this action to ensure that a few bulk emailers do not get the entire domain blacklisted from sending mail to other Internet Service Providers.

Will this hinder my ability to send email?

This will not impact the majority of customers, but there are bound to be some people using third party mail servers. Any software configured to use an SMTP server other than to deliver email directly to a recipient's server will no longer work. An indication of this problem may be a message similar to this in your mail client:

A time-out occurred while communicating with the server. Account:, Server:, Protocol: SMTP, Port 25, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800CCC19

Customers using third party email services must configure their email clients to use to send outbound email. Please remember that operating an email or other server on a residential Cox High Speed Internet connection is a violation of our Acceptable Use Policy.

Will this affect Web-based email services?

No. You can continue to use Cox High Speed Internet WebMail, or services like HotMail and Yahoo mail as you currently do.

Will this affect inbound email at all?

No. This will not affect retrieval of inbound email from any service.

Does this mean that Cox reads my mail?

No. This measure only affects how traffic is routed and does not in any way relate to the substance of email messages. We respect your privacy and do not read any email messages, instant messages, online chats, or the content of other on-line communications that reside on or pass through our service. For more information, go to our Privacy Policy.

I am getting spam even though I have never given out my address. Is Cox selling my information?

We do not sell our customers' email addresses. Sometimes spammers will try lists of common names or words in different combinations to locate an active email address. For more information, go to our Privacy Policy. To learn more about how to reduce spam, go to Adware / Spyware Information.

I am still receiving spam. How do I stop it?

This is just one step in efforts to reduce spam across the Internet. For more information, go to Adware / Spyware Information.

I pay for my own domain name so I can send personal email through that server. Why are you blocking this legitimate use?

We understand that some customers have vanity domain names, and this action should not keep you from using your personal domain name. To ensure your ability to send email from your personal domain, your mail client must be set to a Cox outgoing mail server. This change in settings will be transparent to email recipients, and will not impact your ability to receive email. If you have a business requirement to bypass the Cox mail servers, please contact Cox Business Services for additional options.

What are Cox customers who send mail via Port 25 supposed to do?

Customers must configure their email clients to use smtp.[region] to send outbound email. Please remember that operating an email or other server on a residential Cox High Speed Internet connection is a violation of our Acceptable Use Policy.

Do you offer SMTP authentication or POP before Send capabilities so I can continue to use my Cox account while on the road?

We do not currently offer this feature, but you can continue to use Cox WebMail to send and receive emails while away from your Cox High Speed Internet connection.

My settings are correct but I am using a return address other than and I receive an error.

As part of our spam prevention procedures, we test the domain name in the From address in each message to be sure that it is valid. If the Domain Name Service does not show that the domain name has a valid mail server, those server connections are rejected. The customer will receive a message in Outlook Express that begins: The message could not be sent because the server rejected the sender's email address. The sender's email address was ...

Customers should use their email address or any other valid address in the From field.

Applies to

CHSI email system policies
Network policies
Email account information
Use of Cox outbound (SMTP) servers and vanity domains
Email configuration frequently asked questions

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This appears to relate only to use of a

by mbecker908 In reply to Here is the info

[user] email account.

I can't - and never could - send mail from any of my POP accounts using the cox smtp.

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by mbecker908 In reply to Try this

Nothing there that relates.

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This does'nt effect you

by Jacky Howe In reply to Nope.

Customers using third party email services must configure their email clients to use to send outbound email. Please remember that operating an email or other server on a residential Cox High Speed Internet connection is a violation of our Acceptable Use Policy.

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I f that does'nt help

by Jacky Howe In reply to This does'nt effect you

it might pay to get in touch with Cox as you are paying for a service.

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I don't see why it should.

by mbecker908 In reply to This does'nt effect you

I'm not running an "email server", just accessing commercial accounts. Additionally, I've been accessing those accounts - and a bunch of others - for years with no problems.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Help with Outlook 2003 em ...

it seems to me that your ISP may have made changes and as I have suggested as you are paying them for a service that isn't working get in touch with them to find out why.

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I have to agree here....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Well

Contact the ISP.

Even though one doesn't think you're using the COX SMTP server, you are if you're using any email program at all. It's called relaying and many ISP's are cracking down on it. If you're connected to the internet through them and sending email, they want you to use their server to do it, or you won't be sending. Web based email, of course, isn't affected. But, using Outlook to send email is communicating with the COX SMTP server even if you don't realize it's doing it.

I suspect that what has happened in this case was that the old company email server being set as default was taking care of the relay instead of COX. Now that this account has been deleted, the other two accounts don't have an SMTP server that will allow them to relay through it.

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