Help with Outlook 2003 email - won't send.

By mbecker908 ·
Bottom line, I can receive POP3 email from my accounts into OL2003, but if I try to reply, forward or start a new message I can't send it. I've been using OL200 for about two years with no problems managing multiple remote email accounts and everything went to **** last week.

I'm running the MS Office 2003 Suite in Windows XP. Last week I was accessing three POP3 accounts with Outlook (NOT OL Express). One was from a remote server from a former employer (which was my default account), one was from a GoDaddy account I own and one was from gmail. I've had all of these accounts running, along with several other remote server email accounts with no problems for as long as I've had OL2003.

I deleted the remote server account with my former employer while it was still my default account, checked the email account list in OL and it had assigned default status to my gmail account which was what I intended to to anyway. I made no other changes. I set up an additional gmail address and it tested fine and downloaded the email then in the account. I attempted to Reply to one of the messages and discovered that there was no Send/Receive button on the toolbar. There was the greyed bar at the top of the email identifying the account that I should be replying from, but no S/R button. I exited the email, saved the reply into the Outbox, and clicked the New button to send a new email and no S/R button and no indication of the account it should be sent from. Since I have the S/R button when I'm reviewing the task panes, I clicked it to see if OL would send the saved email from the Outbox, it would not.

Since then, I've done the following:

1. Deleted all three POP3 accounts from OL and set them up again. They all tested as working accounts but I could not send from any of them.
2. Using my third party uninstaller which removes everything including registry entries, I deleted my MS Office Suite (I backed it up an saved the backup on a remote hard drive). I then ran a registry cleaner (CClean) and AdAware just for the heck of it. I reinstalled MS Office 2003. No change to OL, still can't send.

I'm at wits end. Any help or suggestions would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Well said :)

by Jacky Howe In reply to I have to agree here....
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My Outlook doesn't send

by Harry Newton In reply to Help with Outlook 2003 em ...

My Outlook works perfectly in 99% of places -- my home, my office, friends' offices -- but it won't send emails in many wired and WiFi places -- like hotels, rental homes and some public places. There are four solutions:

1. Use webmail to send your messages -- e.g. Gmail.
2. When you check in, ask for your hotel's ISP for their SMTP address. It will be something like
3. Carry a MiFi unit with you. Verizon has a good one.
4. Use the Personal Hotspot on your new smartphone.

That's it. Just note: There's no way that fiddling with your Outlook settings will work.

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