HELP!!!!:Cisco VPN conflict w/ Lenovo PCs network cards

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This is a repost from another Tech Repub member that I posted after he did. No one answered our question...

We have the Lenovo R61e (I have 6). The 1st thing I did when I bought them is formatt the HD and reinstall Windows XP SP2 and all of the drivers.

At this point, connecting to both wireless and hardline internet access points works.

Then, I install the Cisco VPN and despite being connected via the same CAT5 as before, my network cards show that there is a cable disconnected. The wireless network manager (Windows not Lenovo's manager) shows no available wireless networks.

I have to uninstall the VPN before I can connect to any networks.

Does anyone have any suggestions? VPN is a vital part of these PC's being useful so it must be installed. I have the most updated network card drivers and the latest Cisco VPN (5.0 I believe).


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Couple of things to try: Disable Media Sensing

by robo_dev In reply to HELP!!!!:Cisco VPN confli ...

one fix may be to disable windows 'media sensing'

Did the network service stop? look in event log to see. Some of the older installs of the Cisco client involved a whole lot of starting and stopping of services, so maybe a required service is not starting or re-starting?

By default the settings are to disable split-tunneling...maybe somehow the Cisco client thinks that's happening. Try disabling split tunneling and see if that works.

I would look closely to see if there are any 'virtual interfaces' in the network settings...

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Cisco VPN

by CG IT In reply to HELP!!!!:Cisco VPN confli ...

software works like any other VPN software in that is uses an existing internet connection to make the VPN connection. It will though only use 1 connection like all other VPN clients.

If you have 2 methods of connecting, eg wired and wireless, the VPN client will attempt to use the wired connection. If the wired connection is not active, you will lose your wireless connection. The way TCP/IP and Windows works, there's only 1 active Internet connection at a time. The VPN client is handled as an internet connection so you can only have 1 type. VPN or Wireless or wired or dialup etc

your choices are:

A. bridge between the wired and wireless connection [which you probably don't want to do]
B. Disable the wired NIC so that the CPN client is forced to use the wireless connection. When you want to use the wired, you disable the wireless or turn off the wireless NIC.
C. create hardware profiles which essentially do the same thing a B.

If you choose C. then uses need to choose what profile to load based upon what connection they use.

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With a T61...

by mfilip In reply to HELP!!!!:Cisco VPN confli ...

We had this issue with a T61. Upon arrival I also formatted the HD as you did with XP and SP2. After hours of torture messing around with this I found that the newest version of the ThinkVantage FingerPrint Reader (the one from Lenovo's driver matrix) was causing issues. I uninstalled and installed an earlier version and everything went back to working normal.

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