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Help...I'm in quite a pickle!

By ttosun ·
I recently relocated from NY to Tampa, FL. I had been searching for jobs online and through the local paper for about 4 weeks now. Last week, I sent out 4 resumes and I immidiately got a response back from an IT consulting and service company. Due to weeks of lacking income (and my wife getting worried I may never work FL is fun when you have no job!) I jumped at the opportunity and interviewed and was hired by the company and start work Monday (today is Thursday). All well and good.

Here's the pickle...I don't really want to work for a service oriented IT company, going from site to site and basically doing help desk type work although I was hired as a Senior Network Technician (whatever that means). I've done that for over seven years at my first IT job and as fun and exciting as it was, I feel I have exhausted that field and really took it as far as it could go. What I really want to do is get more into a network/systems administration position (you know, the type of job I've spent thousands of dollars and countless hours of studying and testing to obtain certifications for)like my last job.

Today, I got the opprtunity to interview for the type of job I really want and was told that I was 1 of 4 candidates being strongly considered for the position. I'm pretty confident that once I interview for this position that I will get it.

That said...what do I do? Do I start work as scheduled and interview with this other company and if hired, immidiately resign from my new job? Or, do I just grin and bear it and let this new opportunity go and try to make the most of the position I've been hired for?

The position I've been hired for does have some very good things about it. It's a relaxed atmosphere with very down to earth people all on a first name basis with each other and the company is growing rather rapidly. If I stick with them, I know with my years of experience in the service end of IT, I could really be an integral part of this company and probably be one of the main driving forces of it in the future.

However, my ultimate goal is to control the IT dept. of a Fortune X company and you simply can't do that if you're not reqiured to wear a tie to work.

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Thank You ALL

by ttosun In reply to Help...I'm in quite a pic ...

I want to thank you all for your advice.

It is becoming a little more clear to me now that some points have been made by some of you which I didn't consider before.

I think I will stick with the consulting company...for now. Who knows, I may own it one day!

Thank you all again. You have helped me greatly. I'm happy to be able to turn to my peers and receive such great advice.

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I think everyone would say Welcome,

by Old Guy In reply to Thank You ALL

Now that is a good expectation/goal. "I think I will stick with the consulting company...for now. Who knows, I may own it one day!" That's the way to look at it!! Good luck.

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don't give up

by In reply to I think everyone would sa ...

You should keep trying if it is what you want then you need to search hard to get what you want.
Do not settle for anythign less then what you want!

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Ummmm you had me till the ties remark

by JamesRL In reply to Help...I'm in quite a pic ...

I was at a Fortune 100 tech company when we made the transition to business casual dress. Certainly the CIO, with 5000 staff worldwide had to own some nice suits. But day to day he wore golf shirts and dockers. The suit would have been for board meetings.

To me when I reread your letter, it seems like you can decide between the potential to be a big fish in a small pond in a relatively short term(fast growth small company) or you could be stuck on the rung of a very crowded corporate ladder, fighting your way to the top over a longer period.

You would be naive to think automatically that the big corporate company would pay you more. Its probably a safer more secure job. You might have more opportunities for variety and job changes within the company. But at big companies you have to put up with bureacracy, corporate policy and the difficulties of making change in a large organization.

Ignore the initial money - if you love what you are doing, usually the money will follow. I would not decide anything until I had the interview and assessed the role they are offering, how well it fits, how you fit with the "team" you'd be working with etc.


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Ties??? What's that?

by Old Guy In reply to Ummmm you had me till the ...

I don't even own a tie anymore, much less wear one. :)

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You know, appropriate office dress

by Too Old For IT In reply to Ties??? What's that?

... was so much easier when everyone wore a suit. I had a couple conservative "rep" ties, and life was good.

Tho the summer help these days in hip-huggers and halter tops is not entirely bad.

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Tough Decision...Do Some Research

by kattoon In reply to Help...I'm in quite a pic ...

Have you researched both companies? How long have they been in business? How many employees? Turn-over ratio? (this is always a good question to ask) Are they in the process of merging with another company?

I've been promised "the moon" at several different jobs; only to find out the company was hurting financially and layoffs were in the near future (this happened at 2 companies - one company lured me with the promise of travel, management and bonuses).

Please, do some research before making your decision. If the companies are on NYSE or NASDQ go to Yahoo! Finance and look them up. Definitly visit the Yahoo! Finance chat rooms and see what people are saying about the company. This can give you a lot of insight about the management style and turnover.

I really wish I would have done that before taking the job previous to the one I have now.

Good Luck!

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You shouldn't have compromised

by M_a_r_k In reply to Help...I'm in quite a pic ...

You made the classic mistake of jumping at the first thing that came along. That was a big mistake. You can, of course, resign whenever you want or turn down the job offer before Monday, but that's a matter of your personal sense of ethics.

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You're right...

by ttosun In reply to You shouldn't have compro ...

You live and learn, I guess. That is one mistake I will not duplicate.

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It's hard NOT to make that mistake

by M_a_r_k In reply to You're right...

If you haven't had much luck for a while in finding a job, it's all too easy to lose sight of the long-term goal and take the first thing. You're not the first person, and won't be the last, whose made that mistake. I've done it also.

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