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Help...I'm in quite a pickle!

By ttosun ·
I recently relocated from NY to Tampa, FL. I had been searching for jobs online and through the local paper for about 4 weeks now. Last week, I sent out 4 resumes and I immidiately got a response back from an IT consulting and service company. Due to weeks of lacking income (and my wife getting worried I may never work FL is fun when you have no job!) I jumped at the opportunity and interviewed and was hired by the company and start work Monday (today is Thursday). All well and good.

Here's the pickle...I don't really want to work for a service oriented IT company, going from site to site and basically doing help desk type work although I was hired as a Senior Network Technician (whatever that means). I've done that for over seven years at my first IT job and as fun and exciting as it was, I feel I have exhausted that field and really took it as far as it could go. What I really want to do is get more into a network/systems administration position (you know, the type of job I've spent thousands of dollars and countless hours of studying and testing to obtain certifications for)like my last job.

Today, I got the opprtunity to interview for the type of job I really want and was told that I was 1 of 4 candidates being strongly considered for the position. I'm pretty confident that once I interview for this position that I will get it.

That said...what do I do? Do I start work as scheduled and interview with this other company and if hired, immidiately resign from my new job? Or, do I just grin and bear it and let this new opportunity go and try to make the most of the position I've been hired for?

The position I've been hired for does have some very good things about it. It's a relaxed atmosphere with very down to earth people all on a first name basis with each other and the company is growing rather rapidly. If I stick with them, I know with my years of experience in the service end of IT, I could really be an integral part of this company and probably be one of the main driving forces of it in the future.

However, my ultimate goal is to control the IT dept. of a Fortune X company and you simply can't do that if you're not reqiured to wear a tie to work.

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yes and no MARK

by jdclyde In reply to It's hard NOT to make tha ...

There comes a point when you just need a job to pay your bills. You do what you have to do to get through the day.

After you have an income coming back in again, THEN you can afford to be a little pickier about the jobs.

I don't see this as a mistake so much as good luck. There are people I know that are having a hard time getting ANY job in Tech right now. Michigan is one of the highest in unemployment. Some have been forced to take non-tech jobs until something better opens up. Granted, they don't have the experience to open up doors for them, so the standards again have to be a little lower than someone in your situation.

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in the end

by Dr Dij In reply to Help...I'm in quite a pic ...

I think that consulting / temp jobs give you more experience with dift companies and could help you with your end goal.

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Your life your future

by Jcritch In reply to Help...I'm in quite a pic ...

Take the paycheck while you work on the career. I really do not see a negative when someone has documented a short term relationship with a employer when I review a resume. I will ask about it, but also know short term employment happens. I would rather have an employee leave my employ versus stay here and be miserable, always looking for greener pastures.
A paycheck is just that, but being paid for something you want to do is better. So start the new job, but if you are offered the other position, take it and do not look back.

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Time to be hard nosed

by ian In reply to Help...I'm in quite a pic ...

Take the job in the mean time and if the other is offered have no ill feelings about dropping it for what you want. Remember you may be the one they chose to start on Monday but there were probably another half dozen chomping at your heels, they can always go back to one of them especially if you believe the job is beneth you.

I don't know your age but if you get into a company that will expand in the future, would you be considered too old for that glory position when it comes around? The decision is up to you.

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In the same boat...

by ObiWayneKenobi In reply to Help...I'm in quite a pic ...

I am in a similar pickle to yours.. I was out of work for nearly 6 months after a company let me go for questioning why I was told to move furniture and dismantle desks instead of the IT work I was hired for. I finally got a job offer for a small company and was forced to bite; I do not hate the company (just the way they act sometimes) but I find myself bored and depressed at work because I cannot do anything which I want to. However, I need the money and the job market in this area is very harsh (I live roughly 45 minutes from Tampa, so I know *exactly* what you are going through). So I have little choice in the matter; I do not want to be seen as a job hopper (My last job only lasted about a month before they canned me for my concerns, and I have only been at this job about 4 months now), but I am not happy with my present environment. Coupled with the fact I am considering moving by the end of the year to Pennsylvania, and I am pretty much stuck; I do not wish to leave and take another job only to leave in another 6 months if I move. I share your ambitions and your plight.

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This is only a way-station

by Tig2 In reply to In the same boat...

I appreciate that you hate your job but don't want to be seen as a job hopper. Rather than staying put and being bored, try staying put and working on your skill sets. I don't know what in IT you do but I know how much learning VoIP helped me out when I was sick and working as a SysAdmin- I am usually a PM.

The first contract I was able to take was a VoIP implemetation that required a PM with some knowledge of the system. I was able to get it because I had been willing to self-train in the down time.

Just a thought- I know how tough it can be.

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by ObiWayneKenobi In reply to This is only a way-statio ...

I will try what you suggest, although I do not get much opportunity to work on my skillset as the company's entire technology base is 10+ years old and they have no plans or desire to upgrade it. I mainly do some web design for them so I have the time occasionally to keep up to date on technologies (I want to learn more programming, although I have a background in system administration as well) and learn at least a little bit about new things. Thanks again for the helpful advice.

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