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Here I sit, broken hearted.....

By jdclyde ·

Working late tonight, fun fun.

Bosses computer took a puke, so having to migrate him to a different system. Got tomorrow and Monday off, so figured I would hang around and finish the system up. (no, was not asked, and I don't think the boss even knows I am still here)

Everyone else is long gone, so I get to jam out the tunes, thank goodness for imeem. B-)

This would be less boring if I wasn't just sitting here while data copies from one system to another... ya know?

Anyone else bored?

Oh, did I mention I only have 5 work daze left in the year? B-)

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I should've taken pix.

by OnTheRopes In reply to Something like this?

It didn't look like any of those. Inside the distinct halo was all white like it was the center of a room lamp. It was right before I went to bed. I think maybe I need to buy myself that good camera I've been thinking about and then USE it to take pictures.

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More like this

by Michael Jay In reply to Something like this?

or here

or here

I just did get a "real" camera (Merry Christmas to me) and am watching the sky, the moon is trying to get through but it is not working for now..

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More like the first one.

by OnTheRopes In reply to Something like this?

I could clearly make out the outline of the Moon.<br><br>
What kind of camera did you get? I'm thinking about getting a Nikon P-80. I've always wanted a Nikon camera.

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Ropes, its a Nikon

by Michael Jay In reply to Something like this?

D40 with 10-135mm lens, so called entry level digital SLR.
CNET put up a word or 2, I got this camera for much less than they quote.

A more realistic price quote from these folks but with the smaller lens. I went for the larger lens for just a few bucks more.

The menu system is quite deep and I am still figuring it out but so far seems to be a very fine camera.

Remember my pictures won't look any better, they will just cost more. LOL

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They have a review for the Coolpix P80 here MJ

by OnTheRopes In reply to Something like this? <br><br>
I really like the image stabilzation and zoom features without having to change lenses. Looking at the sample picture pages makes me think that I should be able to get some decent close-up shots of birds with that camera.<br><br>
I think that Steve's digicams review pages are excellent.

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Go for it

by Michael Jay In reply to Something like this?

I think your thoughts are correct, that should be quite good at getting those birds up close and very clear.

I say go for it Ropes, you owe it to yourself, that is what I did.

Thanks for that link to Steve's place, very cool.

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You must have posted just after I left....

by jdclyde In reply to Check out the Moon when y ...

didn't notice a moon. Once in the car, my only thoughts were about watching for ice patches and that gas went up $.30 since this morning. Watching, I found a place that had only gone up ten cents so far, and topped the tank off.

I think we need some public executions of the execs that raise gas prices more than a nickle at a time without being able to justify it.

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Better yet...

by cmiller5400 In reply to You must have posted just ...

When you make so much money you can't even tell a Congress inquisition how much you make, cut their salary to poverty level, give away their McMansions, Sell their private jets, but let them keep their gas guzzler cars. That way they can feel our pain filling up at the pump.

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