Here's one for you.

By RooBee81 ·
My hubby was so gracious as to download a program called GhostSurf 2006. I have tried deleting it through the program and deleting it through my remove programs. Both, froze up and caused a re-boot. How do I get rid of it? Can I get rid of it? Should I just ban him from my computer?

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Very true

by RooBee81 In reply to Thats why a dedicated GPS ...

But, most GPS systems don't take into consideration truck routing. There are places cars can go that trucks can't. Also, he needs to know where the scale houses and truck stops are located. Also, he usually routes himself before he starts driving. It's a pretty hefty ticket for driving and using any sort of electronic device.

I think I may have used also too many times.

But, that means I have to find the program that I can install on the laptop for truck routing. Yippy skippy.

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Actually RooBee

by Tig2 In reply to Thats why a dedicated GPS ...

I think that you CAN get a GPS with truck routing.

We have a small handheld that we use when out hunting. It tells us about EVERY road that it knows (maps install). But it also tells us if it is an interstate, or a fire road.

The scale thing would be more difficult, but not undoable. Check Google for truckers GPS- I will bet you get some hits.

Either way, you'll have to do the search. Why not get him something... well... idiot-proof (but meant in the nicest possible way!)?

Just a thought.

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There's your answer then

by Tig2 In reply to We will see

Get him a GPS. Garmin makes several at a good price point. Keep the laptop.

On the other hand...

Depending on your cell service, you can also get him GPS service to his cell.

Then tell him that you implanted him with a chip so that you will know his every move...

Yes, I have an evil streak. :)

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by RooBee81 In reply to There's your answer then

We had family locater on our phone's for awhile. He said it creeped him out. He didn't like that I could pin point his position and look it up on Google Earth. lol I'm sooooo nosey.

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by RooBee81 In reply to Here's one for you.

Well, I looked up trucker GPS and I think I still might stick with the laptop. The GPS systems start at around $250.

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If you got the laptop route

by JamesRL In reply to GPS

MS streets and trips with GPS is about $120.


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