High Cpu usage without any running process

By Zaper14 ·
Hi im in desperat help here my computor is going nut and without any reason the cpu just sky rockets to 48% usage, i dont see any running procces that demands that much and i scaned and scaned and reinstalled Xp but nothing helps so im wondering if any of you can help me wiht my little problem?

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I had a similar problem and found out it was the harddrive going...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to High Cpu usage without an ...

My cpu hit the roof many-a-times until i figured it was the harddrive. Just replaced with a new drive and all is ok again.
That was years ago though. So you might want to look at your drive and do a test on it, but back up first though.

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by Zaper14 In reply to I had a similar problem a ...

i will try that, thanks alot and hop it works :) or else i will be back

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CPU uaage

by LarryD4 In reply to High Cpu usage without an ...

If your CPU usage is high something in the task list should be showing you what is pushing the CPU usage up.

While the CPU usage is high you can change the sort order in the task manager by clicking on on the CPU tab to organize the processes by CPU Usage.

Why don't you do that and post back whats running in CPU usage order?

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not that

by Zaper14 In reply to CPU uaage

i already cheaked that and its not that i promise if it was that easy i think i could have fixed it my self but thanks anyway

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Well, yeah, but..

by seanferd In reply to not that

Task manager will tell you what process is using 47% of the CPU capacity.

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