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By jmac0225 ·
my IE has been highjacked by About:blank, and I can't seem to get rid of it. i have deleted everything from the registry, ran spyware, and still it comes back.
Any help out there?
Thanks!! jmac0225

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by ReWrite In reply to highjacker

Review the info at this lik:

It explains the problems involved with removing the about:blank hijack and have a couple of ways to remove it along with a recommendation for a trial copy of an app that they say works well in removing the about:blank hijack.

Good Luck.



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by Oz_Media In reply to highjacker

Protection, I would also run CWshredder for this particular exploit but also recommend installing IE SpyAd, it updates the list of allowed certificates and blocks known sources if such hijacks. Just a small file that updates IE settings for you.

Get information and download it here;

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by brddog In reply to highjacker

I have to wonder why so many of us spend hours on end trying to delete this scourge, when it maybe less PLEASENT to cut to the chase and backup, format and reload. Then find a way to track down the ahole that wrote the crap and put it on his systems.
Sorry all, I am off the soapbox now.
good luck on your options

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by pierrejamme In reply to highjacker

You didn't mention OS, but if it is ME or Xp you have to turn off "System restore" or it will return upon each reboot.

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by HereInOz In reply to highjacker

I don't know why we spend so many hours bashing our heads about these parasites. Given that a good operator can rebuild an average system in about 4 hours, and we often spend 10 or more hours not fixing it, why not just get a USB hard drive adaptor, stick an old 8Gb drive in it, copy off your data, mail files, favourites, etc. to the USB drive and re-install the damn thing.

If the last comment about system restore doesn't help, a re-install would be my favourite course of action. (That is, of course, unless you have heaps of irreplaceable software installed.)

After you have re-installed, install SpyWareBlaster. It will configure IE to be far more choosey about what it downloads from where. The software is free and for a small fee, and I do mean small, you can subscribe to automatic updates.

And you get a nice clean system as well.



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by ozi Eagle In reply to highjacker

Try adware away from
I have used it to remove About:Blank and other nasties. Free for 5 days then requires purchase.
I don't recommend it for win98 (and maybe ME) as I have had bad system crashes after running it. I don't know whether Adware Away caused the problem or the nasty did.

Good luck

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by pos_techie In reply to highjacker

I had the same problem with a customer's computer. Not once but twice too! The best thing to try is to download Ad-Aware SE, then update it. That is the important step, if you don't update it, it cannot remove all the new pests that have popped up since they put out SE. There are quite a few. Then once it is run and removed all the pests, go into IE and change your page back to your homepage ( or whatever). In my customer's case, after all that I had to reboot the pc, then when it came back up it was fine. I have found that if you don't reboot it doesn't take care of it. And if that doesn't help, after the reboot if it goes back to the bad homepage, upgrade to the realtime monitoring and it should stop it from trying to put the bad web page into the reg. Good luck! Jill

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by ctmoore1998 In reply to highjacker


A new adware removal program called Adware Away has proven very successful in removing the About:Blank homepage hijacker along with many other hijacker type programs. They have a trial version that is fully functional which allows most people to remove the About:Blank hijacker without having to purchase it. The trial version of Adware Away seems to last between 5 to 7 days before timing out and requiring payment. You can visit their webpage and download a trial of Adware Away by clicking on the following link. You may also purchase the program for $29.95.

I recommend this program for instances where the manual removal methods dont work. Currently there are about 5 variants of the About:Blank homepage hijacker and Adware Away handles all these variants

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by youssifm In reply to highjacker

i had this problem once, with xp pro, backup your files, delete your account, and make new admin account, but before this you delete all temp files, and quaranntined file if you had some, then creat the new account, all this from safe mode, and this is if the last thing to do is to format

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