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Hire me NOW!!!

By spuddy_m3 ·
I Demand that I be hired due to the certs I have. Much more than these selfers out there who think they know it all. Who do they think they are anyway - loooooosers thats what!!!!!

We use a DLT, much better than a DAT- Idiots
Squares all of them!

Get some certs you!

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I have a different take on this one

by maxwell edison In reply to FOLKS, MOVE ON,

I could be wrong, but I suspect that the original message is dripping with sarcasm in order to make a point. How many times have we seen messages that suggest earning certifications and degrees entitle a person to get a job and/or earn more money? I believe that the original poster is making a sarcastic point, and that point being, no they aren't.

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I dunno Max

by maecuff In reply to I have a different take o ...

haven't you seen all the other threads that he's posted?

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Well, who is he?

by maxwell edison In reply to I dunno Max

I saw the one other message he posted, but do we really know who he is? Is he really the kid you think he is, or is he some other stealth poster? Heck, he might even be ........ me! (I do love sarcasm, you know, as a tool to make a point.)

Who do you think he is and why? (Or she? It could also be ..... YOU.)

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Readers Digest version

by Tig2 In reply to Well, who is he?

Spuddy M was the clown that showed up here and started a thread in Career comparing education (degree) to self taught people, contending that education was superior. In over 300 posts, he flamed many people before editing the text of his original post and all subsequent posts to no text. He then adopted first my ID, then my avatar.

I took the issue to the peers on the board and notified the PTB. Spuddy_m was then shown the door.

This is the third incarnation of the original assertion.

Heaven only knows who he is in real life. I am reasonably certain that he isn't an incarnation of you- puerile is not a word I would associate with you.

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Oh Max..

by maecuff In reply to Well, who is he?

I can accept that you think me capable of sarcasm (or irony, happy Neil?) and even rabble rousing, but REALLY..would you think I would name myself SPUDDY?

I think not.

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by TonytheTiger In reply to Oh Max..

french-fried pators mmmhmmm biscuits mmmhmm; mustard!

(hmmm... It sounded funnier than it looks in type)

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by maecuff In reply to mmhmm!...

My husband does that 'Sling Blade' voice all the time. It drives me nuts.

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Okay, Tig2 and Mae

by maxwell edison In reply to Oh Max..

I will yield to your experience and insight.

(But I still liked the description of my MEMS Certification.)

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Max, I thought it was brilliant

by Tig2 In reply to Okay, Tig2 and Mae

And even better that you chose to answer him in your inimitable style and in all seriousness. I did no different and I know what this bozo is about. He is a seagull poster- he usually drops one of two comments- mostly flames- and the thread dies a natural death. But I will keep your answer because it is so true- the certification that you earn from yourself is the only one worth having.

I can't imagine that this idiot will get a tenth of the value of your post. I appreciated it immensely.

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" aint me..."

by dawgit In reply to Well, who is he?

... :B} ,sorry, I stoll that from a "Bob Dylan" song. (oh, yes, way back in those wonderfull 60's, please, please can we go back ;\ )

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